Socialization of the Master of Nursing Study Program Specialization in Gerontic Nursing

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The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) has opened a Gerontics Specialization in the Nursing Masters Study Program. The study program opens registration for new students for Gerontic Nursing Specialization at SIMAK UI Wave 2 on 7 June – 9 July 2021. Prospective students can register on the admissions

To introduce the Gerontics Specialization to the public, FoN UI held a “Socialization for the Opening of the Gerontics Specialization Study Program (Prodi)” which was held online via zoom, and was attended by more than 160 participants last Saturday (19/6). The Dean of FoN UI, Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., MN, DN, was present to open the event and said that, “The opening of the Gerontic Nursing specialization is one of the answers to FoN UI’s commitment that continues to run dynamically and the challenges of scientific development. ”

At the socialization event, three resource persons were present, namely Dr. Henny Permatasari, S.Kp., M. Kep., Sp.Kom (Head of the Community Nursing Department FoN UI), Prof. Dra. Junaiti Sahar, S.Kp., M. App.Sc., Ph.D., and Dr. Etty Rekawati, S.Kp., M.K.M. “Students of Masters in Nursing will undergo 4 semesters of education with a total of 38 Semester Credit Units (SKS); with details of core courses as many as 22 credits, 14 credits of specialization courses, and 2 elective courses. In this specialization, students will study 6 courses related to gerontic nursing with a total of 14 credits, namely the concept of advanced gerontic nursing, holistic gerontic nursing, gerontic nursing assessment, fact-based gerontic nursing, therapy in gerontic nursing, and gerontic polite nursing. “said Dr. Etty

“The era of globalization and revolutions 4.0 and 5.0 make us ready to compete in the health sector. Many gerontic services in Indonesia are employed as care givers, not nursing. We must improve education even more, it is supported again because the Covid-19 is not a barrier to learning. The challenge of adapting to new habits, providing opportunities for the elderly to live more productively with the guidance of the nurse profession, therefore requires the development of qualified health workers in accordance with applicable standards, “said Prof. Junaiti Sahar who delivered material on the philosophy of opening the gerontic nursing specialization.

Furthermore, Dr. Henny in his presentation on the development of community nursing and gerontics said, “The practice of Community Specialist Residency has been recognized to improve the health status of the community, increase the independence of families who have chronic health problems, improve the lives of workers, and reduce the risk of worker accident mortality.”

In addition to the Gerontic Nursing specialization, the UI Nursing Masters Study Program has 7 other specializations, namely Nursing Leadership and Management, Maternity Nursing, Community Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Mental Nursing, Child Nursing, and Oncology Nursing. A full explanation of the FoN UI master’s program can be found at Further information regarding the registration of this study program can be accessed through