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Programs on FON UI

Undergraduate (Bachelor Of Nursing) and Professional (Nurse) Program

The program has a sharp focus on preparing the graduates to provide entry-level safe, competent, ethical care to culturally diverse individuals, families, and populations across healthcare settings and across the lifespan.

Masters (Master Of Nursing) and Specialist Programs​

Nursing Students have to complete two phases, namely, the M.Kep phase and the specialist phase.

Doctorate Program

Prepares nurse scholars to develop and conduct scientific research.

Special Work Unit

Nursing Training Center

Engaged in providing seminars, workshops and health training services to facilitate nurses, nursing students, nursing education practitioners and the general public to be able to access the latest quality developments in health and nursing science.

Journal Publication

Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia

Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia (JKI, or Nursing Journal of Indonesia) is the oldest and most respected broad-based nursing journal in Indonesia. The journal was established in 1997, and as the name suggests, JKI has become a pioneer in the publication of nursing journals in Indonesia.