FoN UI Works on Lanting Jiwa Program for ODGJ’s Families

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The role of the family in assisting People with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) is very important. Families in addition to taking care at home, also need to provide mental, economic and other assistance to family members who have mental disorders.

However, while carrying out this role, families often experience stress, boredom, frustration because they have to deal with chronic diseases that last for years. For this reason, families need to be equipped with skills on how to deal with difficult situations while caring for ODGJ.

The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) in collaboration with the Directorate of Research and Community Service of the University of Indonesia (DRPM UI) conducted Community Service activities to provide training to improve the coping skills of ODGJ families in Tanah Sereal Village, Bogor Regency (abbreviated as Lanting Jiwa training).

This activity was carried out through two meetings on November 22 and 29, 2020 which was attended by 19 ODGJ families and 14 mental health cadres from the Tanah Cereal Village. Mental health cadres are involved to provide support during implementation and to monitor implementation in the field after the training is completed.

The head of the Service Team who is also a psychiatrist, Herni Susanti, said the purpose of the activity was to help families carry out their role as primary caregivers for ODGJ. So that in the end it is able to reduce the level of Expressed Emotion, which is an indicator that is often used by mental health professionals to measure the response of families who are less supportive of their family members with mental disorders.

He said the ODGJ family had carried out a noble task, but often faced burdens during treatment, both psychological burdens such as feeling anxious, sad, angry, embarrassed and physical burdens such as experiencing fatigue, physical pain, and large economic expenses. “This condition needs to be considered by mental health workers, so that the burden on this family can be lighter, and finally they can continue their role in more effective care,” he said.

On this occasion, the family was also trained to reduce the reaction of annoyance that often appears when providing care to ODGJ, namely by using deep breathing techniques and the pillow hitting method.

This collaboration program with the community was also attended by drg. Firy Triyanti, M.Kes as Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Program (P2P) of the Bogor City Health Office., drg. Masayu Rubianti, M.KM as the Head of the Tanah Cereal Health Center, Nurses Made Suci, Sri Utami and Era Alfera as the executor of the Mental Health Program at the Tanah Cereal Health Center and local government officials.

During the training, families and cadres gathered at four points to facilitate the delivery of materials while still observing health protocols. This activity involved Mental Nursing Specialist FoN UI students as facilitators in the field, as well as Mental Nursing Masters students who provided technical assistance.


source : Keluarga-odgj