Corona Pandemic, Mental Health Must Be Maintained

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The amount of information circulating about the corona virus (Covid-19) can affect mental health. Panic, stress, fear of losing loved ones, and changes in activity are just a few of the effects of the outbreak of this respiratory-threatening virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the corona virus a pandemic. This has made the government and the world community more aware of the spread of the corona virus. Although it is important to seek reliable information, we also need to know the steps to fortify ourselves from excessive stress and panic in the midst of the corona outbreak.

Here are some suggestions from the world health institutions in maintaining our mental health:

1. Look for reliable sources of information

In a day, how much information is circulating about corona in your messaging app group? Although this variety of information is spread by family or friends, we should be more careful because it does not rule out the possibility that the news is a hoax. Instead of feeling calm, we can actually be more panicked and anxious. Make sure to always monitor the development of the corona virus from sources that are truly trusted. Examples are from the WHO website, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and trusted media.

2. Use technology as a medium for building friendships

In order to avoid a wider spread of Corona, we should avoid physical contact with each other as much as possible. Social media technology such as Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, Facebook can be an alternative to establish communication. In addition, these various social media can also be used as work communication media, for people who carry out the Working from Home (WFH) work system.

3. Stay active at home

Do activities that make your body and mind comfortable. This is important, especially for those of you who are self-isolating. Examples of activities include watching movies, reading books, listening to music, and accessing positive content on social media. Eat a healthy and balanced diet and drink water. Increase sleep duration and do exercise when you wake up. Exercises at home can be very simple, such as stretching, breathing, or meditating.

4. Increase communication with family

For some people who live alone, social distancing can make feelings of loneliness overwhelming. Try to express your feelings and concerns about the pandemic you are facing with certain people you trust the most, such as family, lovers, or friends. For families who isolate themselves in one place of residence, try to maintain communication. Mothers and fathers are encouraged to take the time to talk to their children about the coronavirus pandemic and make sure they are safe.

5. Try to empathize and not stigmatize

Don’t label people who are positive for Covid-19 as “victims”, but replace them with the word “warriors” who are trying to recover. By replacing the word with something more positive, it means that we also encourage and appreciate their struggle against this epidemic, not discrimination.

Finally, facing the corona outbreak without being provoked by panic or fear, can certainly help maintain mental and physical health in the midst of this global health crisis. The influence is not only good for you personally, but also the people around you.

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