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Student Facilities

Students Facilities

Universitas Indonesia is well equipped with various facilities that support students learning such as health center, student accommodation, transportation, student clubs, information and technologies, laboratories and library.


The teaching and learning activities of the BNP are carried out mostly at the Health Sciences Cluster building (HSC). The FoN UI has adequate classrooms to support the activities, as it consists of a big lecture hall for 500 students, 17 smaller classrooms for 40-75 students, and 20 tutorial rooms for 10-15 students. Each room is equipped with a projector set (computer, projector, and screen), LCD TV set, whiteboard, sound system set, WiFi, and air conditioning. Furthermore, HSC provides the students with workstations in each level of the building. The use of facilities at the HSC building is managed collectively by the four health science departments. Management of HSC will arrange the classroom for all courses across health sciences cluster prior to the beginning of the semester.

Rooms for teaching staff are divided into six parts based on their departments: Nursing Leadership and Management Department, Medical-Surgical Nursing Department, Maternity Nursing Department, Pediatric Nursing Department, Mental Health Nursing Department, and Community Nursing Department. These rooms are designed to accommodate 80 teaching staff, and each of them is equipped with one desk, one chair, two shelves and one cupboard. The rooms are also designed to facilitate the teaching staff’s mobility to the classrooms, and at the same time to enhance interactions among teaching staff and students. The rooms are all located on the 7th Floor of HSC Building E.

Nursing laboratory is an important facility to support the clinical learning of nursing students. Faculty of nursing Universitas Indonesia provides nursing learning laboratories which allow students to see, learn and practice nursing skills and procedures in simulated setting. All the nursing laboratories are equipped from low to high fidelity simulators and offer all clinical equipment designed for the care of adult, geriatric, pediatric, psychiatric, maternity and newborn patients in the acute, critical care or long term.

The nursing learning laboratories consist of:

  • Maternity nursing laboratory
  • Adult nursing laboratory
  • Pediatric nursing laboratory
  • Psychiatric nursing laboratory
  • Geriatric nursing laboratory
  • Critical care laboratory
  • Emergency nursing laboratory
  • Community nursing laboratory
  • Nursing skill laboratory


In order to support the information needs of students, UI offers an advanced campus network with the highest technology. Universitas Indonesia develops several IT facilities which could be used by students and staffs of Universitas Indonesia, especially students, such as Free Wi-Fi with LDAP based Single Sign On (SSO), Academic Information System (SIAK NG), UI Web mail, and Web-based Tuition Fee Information System.

Facilitating the students’ interest, Universitas Indonesia established wide range of sport facilities in campus area consist of Jogging track, Stadium, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Indoor and outdoor courts (basket ball, tennis, volley ball, badminton, and hockey).

The Central library of Universitas Indonesia is an integrated system that allows all individual faculties and disciplines can access the learning resources service comprehensively. This main library is the fusion of all faculty’s library that provides more than 1,500,000 collections and offers comprehensive collected work by considering uncountable hard and electronic research archives and documentations. It is one of the biggest university libraries in Asia.

In addition, students can access electronic resources that include e-journals, databases, statistical data, images and digital maps. The digital library online system also are available that allows student can get the resource collection by searching and downloading via the website.

All UI students can access free health care services from the satellite clinic. The clinic offers general health services, dental, and orthodontic services. To access these health care services, students will need to register in satellite clinic by completing the health requirements, consisting of student card, tuition receipt and two photographs of student (2cm x 3cm). Additionally, the clinic provides pharmacy, ambulance, emergency unit and radiology service.

Guidance and counseling activities are carried out by a team whose members consist of FoN-UI academic staff. FoNUI guidance and counseling team for new students consists of Faculty Counselors and Academic Advisors for both regular and extension programs and postgraduate programs. The coordinator of the Guidance and Counseling team of FoN UI is the Academic and Student Manager.

Students can ask for guidance from the Academic Advisor, or to the Student Counseling Agency/ Badan Konseling Mahasiswa (BKM) team according to the schedule provided, or to other teaching staff who are not members of the BKM FoN UI, to the coordinator of the course being followed, or to the Chair/Secretary of the Study Program


Dormitory is intended for UI students that are from outside Jakarta/Depok area, so they can settle in quickly. Students can access their faculties conveniently as the dormitory is located inside UI. The transportation system is supported by the campus busses and Ojek 24 hours.

In this accommodation, students can choose one of three types of room. The available types room are Non- AC, AC, and VIP room. The dormitory also provides facilities such as sport hall, canteen, mini market, copy and print center, and laundry service.

Universitas Indonesia Makara Lodge is well known one as of the best accommodations in South Jakarta and Depok. This place is appropriate for public activities such as seminars, trainings and workshops. Surrounded by natural forest and a blue lake, the atmosphere is quiet and pleasant.

Beside accommodations that are provided by Universitas Indonesia, private accommodation (rumah kos) could be the alternative option for students. They are located close to UI such as in Beji, Kukusan, and Margonda area. Private accommodation offers the range price from 500.000 IDR/month to above 1.000.000 IDR/month with various facilities. The location is also surrounded by many photocopy centers, restaurants, book stores and minimarkets so that students can get their daily needs at ease.


There are 20 busses that serves no-fare transportation around campus for students, staff and visitors. The busses operates from 7.00 am – 9.00 pm Mon-Fri, 7.00 am – 02.00 pm Sat

It is one of the alternative means of transportation in campus area. This free bicycle can be accessed by students and faculty members. Enjoying the fun of campus tour by cycling, students just need to show the student ID card.

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