Lecturer Profile : Prof. Achir Yani S. Hamid, M.N, DNSc

Lecturer Profile : Prof. Achir Yani S. Hamid, M.N, DNSc



Prof. Achir Yani S. Hamid, M.N, DNSc

Professor | Department of Mental Health – Psychiatric Nursing


Building & Room : Room 210, Post-Graduate Building
Address (office) : Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, West Java, Indonesia
Email : achir@ui.ac.id & ayanihamid@yahoo.co.id


1. The Catholic University of America, School of Nursing, Washington, DC, USA, Doctor of
Nursing Science (D.N.Sc), 1993, Mental Health-Psychiatric Nursing.
2. The University of the Philippines – College of Nursing, Quezon City, Philippines,
Master of Nursing Science (MN), 1983, Mental Health-Psychiatric Nursing.
3. Diploma III – Academy of Nursing, MOH, Jakarta (1976), and converted to BN by
University of the Philippines in 1981, General Nursing.

Professional membership

Head of Advisory/Expertise Board of Mental Health-Psychiatric Nurses Association
Advisory Board of Association of Institutions of Nursing Education
Chair of Indonesia Collegium Board for Nursing Specialists
Chair of Collegium Board for Mental Health-Psychiatric Nursing Specialist


My expertise is in mental health-psychiatric nursing, particularly family with a special needs; Disaster nursing management; nursing leadership and nursing/health policy; Nursing workforce and nurse migration. I have been actively involved in preparing nurses and responding during disaster situation since 2004. The research team I led has produced the nursing practice standard: disaster risk reduction management, in 2018. It is continued by development of training model and modules to prepare nurses with the required competences in disaster nursing. In 2015, I was granted by MoE as the visiting professor for DNGL (Disaster Nursing Global Leader) Doctoral Program of 5 universities in Japan. Policy based research concerning the nurse migration is still on-going.
Selected Grants

  • “PITTA A 2019” The effect of family psychoeducational therapy on the resilience of the caregivers of the family member with schizophrenia in an area affected by a tidal flood, Principal Investigator
  • “RESEARCH BASED POLICY GRANT 2020” The comprehensive approach in brain gain design development for nurse migration system (Pendekatan Komprehensif dalam Pengembangan Brain Gain Design pada Sistem Migrasi Perawat), Principal Investigator
  • “PUTI Q2 Dosen” The push and pull factors and retention program of Indonesian nurse migration, Principal Investigator.
  • “PUTI Q3 Doktor 2020” The experience of survivor family in preventing psychologial trauma impacted by volcano erruption (Pengalaman keluarga survivor dalam mencegah trauma psikologis pada bencana letusan gunung berapi), Principal Investigator.
  • “PUTI Q3 Doktor 2020” Integrated nursing model in bullying behavior prevention in elementary school children (Model intervensi keperawatan terintegrasi dalam pencegahan perilaku bullying pada anak Sekolah Dasar), Principal Investigator
  • “PUTI Q3 Doktor 2020” Development of quality improvement model for nursing staff management based on human capital and magnet hospital (Pengembangan model quality improvement untuk manajemen tenaga keperawatan di RS berbasis human capital dan magnet hospital), Principal Investigator
  • “PUTI Q3 Doktor 2020” Development of model for suicidal prevention using digital application for early adolescence in the context of family (Pengembangan model pencegahan bunuh diri berbasis aplikasi digital pada remaja awal dalam konteks keluarga), Principal Investigator.
  • “PUTI Q4 Saintekes 2020” The effect of health education and therapeutic group therapy towards social skills and self efficacy of school children in preventing smartphone addiction (Pengaruh pendidikan kesehatan dan terapi kelompok terapeutik terhadap keterampilan sosial dan efikasi diri anak usia sekolah dalam mencegah adiksi smartphone), Principal Investigator.
  • “PUTI Q4 Saintekes 2020” The effect of adult therapeutic group therapy towards communication and interaction of mothers to prevent online game addiction among pra-school children (Pengaruh terapi kelompok terapeutik dewasa terhadap komunikasi dan interaksi ibu untuk mencegah adiksi game online pada anak pra sekolah), Principal Investigator.
  • “PUTI Q4 Saintekes 2020” The effect of health education, therapeutic group therapy, and assertive communication training towards self concept and communication skills of adolescence in preventing them from online game addiction (Pengaruh pendidikan kesehatan, terapi kelompok terapeutik dan latihan komunikasi asertif terhadap konsep diri dan keterampilan komunikasi remaja untuk mencegah adiksi game online), Principal Investigator.

Selected Publications

  • Wibawa, I. R., Hamid, A. Y. S., & Daulima, N. H. C. (2020). A Phenomenological Study: Family Experience in Expressed Emotion in Providing Care for Client with Risk of Aggressive Behavior. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology (WJST), 17(5), 450-459.
  • Wakhid, A., & Hamid, A. Y. S. (2020). Family resilience minimizes post-traumatic stress disorder: A systematic review. Enfermeria clinica, 30, 1-5.
  • Kumboyono, K., Hamid, A. Y. S., Sahar, J., & Bardosono, S. (2020). Community response to the initiation of smoking in Indonesian early adolescents: a qualitative study. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 25(1), 210-220.
  • Hariyati, R. T. S., Hamid, A. Y., Eryando, T., & Hasibuan, Z. A. (2018). Usability and satisfaction of using electronic nursing documentation, lesson-learned from new system implementation at a hospital in Indonesia. International Journal of Healthcare Management.
  • Susanti, H., Hamid, A. Y. S., Mulyono, S., Putri, A. F., & Chandra, Y. A. (2019). Expectations of survivors towards disaster nurses in Indonesia: A qualitative study. International journal of nursing sciences, 6(4), 392-398.
  • Hamid, A. Y. S., & Daulima, N. H. (2019). Family’s support for adolescent victims of bullying. Enfermeria clinica, 29, 747-751.
  • Asmirajanti, M., Hamid, A. Y. S., & Hariyati, R. T. S. (2019). Nursing care activities based on documentation. BMC nursing, 18(1), 1-5.
  • Soimah, Hamid, A. Y. S., Rosyada, D., Mansyur, M., Efendi, F., Supriyanto (2019). Nurse’s Competence in Supporting the Spiritual-Religious Needs of Patients in Indonesia. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 10(3).
  • Budiarto, E., & Hamid, A. Y. S. (2019). The Effect of Family Psychoeducational Therapy on the Spiritual Well-being of the Caregivers of the Family Member with Schizophrenia in an area affected by a tidal flood. Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 13(3), 918-923.