Lecturer Profile : Herni Susanti, S.Kp, M.N., Ph.D

Lecturer Profile : Herni Susanti, S.Kp, M.N., Ph.D


Herni Susanti, S.Kp, M.N., Ph.D

Assistant Professor | Department of Mental Health Nursing

Building & Room : Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan Building A, 2nd Floor
Contact (office) : +62 21 7884 9120
Email : herni-s@ui.ac.id


University of Manchester UK, Doctoral, 2015, Doctoral in Nursing
Curtin University of Technology Australia, 2005, Master, Magister in Nursing
Universitas Indonesia, Bachelor, 1998, Bachelor Program in Nursing

Professional membership

Indonesian National Nurses Association
The Indonesian Mental Health Nurses Association


Herni is a mental health professional who started her career since 1998 when she joined in the Mental Health Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia. Since then, she has been enthusiastic to satisfy her passion around the development of mental health in her country and worldwide.

As a lecturer, she has been teaching to undergraduate and post-graduate students related to her expertise including communication for health professionals, mental health nursing, family interventions in mental health practice, and ethics in health care. Her teaching role is not only limited in classes, but also in clinical placement. To add, the teaching tasks also cover other units that she is qualified such as qualitative research and English for nurses.

Herni is also excited to conduct research which is relevant to her interest in interventions for families of people wit mental health problems, disaster nursing, stress and stigma of infectious diseases (Covid-19), addiction, and mental health care for marginalized population. Herni’s research activities will continue due to her role as the supervisor for her undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking research projects. Some of these research products have been published in the national or international journals.

Herni is now holding a position as the manager of Corporation and Ventura Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia. She is also responsible for some organizations such as Coordinator of Research division in the Indonesian Mental Health Nurses Association, and Secretary of Green Crescent Indonesia, a NGO in addiction prevention. She is also one of editors in a number of national Journals.

Recently, Herni has been awarded by the Ministry of Research and Technology for outstanding contribution to research knowledge in 2020, published an article in Health Expectation – a high impact journal, entitled Exploring the potential use of patient and public involvement to strengthen Indonesian mental health care for people with psychosis: A qualitative exploration of the views of service users and carers; and as the 3rd outstanding lecturer of Universitas Indonesia year 2020 for accomplishment in teaching, research and community engagement

Selected Grants

  • MRC UK, 2018-2019, Exploring the potential of civic engagement to strengthen mental health systems (IGNITE), as a researcher collaboration with UK researchers (University of Liverpool, University of Manchester) (Team: Brooks H, Lovell K, James K, Irmansyah, Budi AK, and Susanti H). The study based in Indonesia.
  • Penelitian Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi (Superior University Research grant), 2017-2018, The development of standard of nursing practice for disaster risk management impacting on health, as a researcher in team: Hamid AYS, Susanti H, Mulyono S, Chandra, YA). Research based in Indonesia, collaboration with Japanese researchers
  • Penelitian Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi (Superior University Research grant, 2020, The development of training modules for nurses based on standard of nursing practice for disaster risk management impacting on health. As A researcher in team: Agus Setiawan, Hamid AYS, Susanti H, Mulyono S, Chandra, YA). The study based in Indonesia.
  • Penelitian Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi (Superior University Research grant), 2019, Nursing training need assessment for risk management of disaster. As a researcher in Team: Setiawan, A, Hamid AYS, Susanti H) Research was in collaboration with Japanese researchers
  • Q2 International Collaboration UI, 2020, The exploration of the roles of volunteering cadres in mental health services in Indonesia: current situation and future direction. As the Principal investigator in the study based in Indonesia collaboration with UK researcher/University of Manchester (team: Susanti H, Brooks H, Keliat BAK, Wardani IY, Hargiana G)
  • MRC UK, 2021, Reducing Relapse for People with Schizophrenia in Jakarta, Indonesia: Developing a culturally-relevant, evidence-based Family Intervention. As a co-investigator from Indonesia in the collaboration research with UK researchers (University of Manchester, University of Liverpool) based in Indonesia (team: Renwick LJ, Budi AK, Brooks H, Bee P, Lovell K, Susanti H and Bradshaw, T).
  • Advanced researcher FON UI 2018, Exploration of the need of nursing care in for drug and substance addiction. Research based in Indonesia, as Principal Investigator in team: Susanti H, Wardani IY, Fitriani, N).
  • Advanced researcher FON UI, 2020, Stress and stigma among nurses working in Covid-19 service in Indonesia, as a researcher in team : Wardani IY, Susanti H, Nasution RA

Selected Publications

  • Susanti H, James K, Utomo B, Keliat BA, Irmansyah, Lovell K, Rose D, Colucci E, Brooks H. Exploring the potential use of patient and public involvement to strengthen Indonesian mental health care for people with psychosis: A qualitative exploration of the views of service users and carers. Health Expectations 23, 377-386, 2019
  • James K, Brooks H, Susanti H, Waddingham J, Irmansyah, Keliat BA, Utomo B, Rose D, Colucci E, and Lovell K. Implementing civic engagement within mental health services in South East Asia: a systematic review and realist synthesis of current evidence. International Journal of Mental Health Systems 14, 17, 2020
  • Susanti, H., Hamid, A. Y. S., Mulyono, S., Putri, A. F., & Chandra, Y. A. Expectations of survivors towards disaster nurses in Indonesia: A qualitative study. International Journal of Nursing Sciences. 6 (4) 392-398. 2019
  • Brooks, H., Irmansyah, I., Susanti, H., Utomo, B., Prawira, B., Iskandar, L. and Bell, V. Evaluating the acceptability of a co-produced and co-delivered mental health public engagement festival: Mental Health Matters, Jakarta, Indonesia. Research involvement and engagement, 5(1), 25. 2019
  • Hasanah, U., Susanti, H., & Panjaitan, R. U. Family experience in facilitating adolescents during self-identity development in ex-localization in Indonesia. BMC nursing, 18(1), 35. 2019
  • Susanti, H., Lovell, K., & Mairs. Emotional reactions and coping strategies of carers of people with serious mental illnesses: A focus group study. Enfermeria clinica. 2019
  • Salawali, S.H., Susanti, H., Daulima, N.H.C., , Posttraumatic growth in adolescent survivors of earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction in Palu Indonesia: A phenomenological study, Pediatric Reports,12, 8699, 2020
  • Wijoyo, EB, Susanti, H, Panjaitan RU. Nurses’ perception about posttraumatic growth (PTG) after natural disasters. BMC Proceedings, vol14, 2020
  • 12 Buanasarari, Keliat BA, Susanti,H. The application of acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) and family psychoeducation (FPE) to clients with schizophrenia and aggressive behavior, Nurse Media Journal of Nursing, Vol 10 (1), 11-21, 2020
  • Susanti H, Lovell K, and Mairs H. What does the literature suggest about what carers need from mental health services for their own wellbeing? A Systematic Review Enfermeria Clinica. 2017;27(Suppl. Part I):102-11 2017