Nursing UI Post Graduate Virtual Open Day 2021

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In order to introduce and improve the positive image of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) in the public eye, on Saturday, June 12, 2021, an online Nursing UI Post Graduate Virtual Open Day 2021 was held via Zoom Meeting. In addition, the event which was attended by around 160 participants was aimed at increasing the number of applicants for the Postgraduate Program at FoN UI,

The Nursing UI Post Graduate V-Open Day 2021 activity contains several agendas, namely the screening of the FoN UI profile video, remarks from Dr. Enie Novieastari, S.Kp., M.S.N. as the Deputy Dean for Education, Research, and Student Affairs, a presentation about the Study program at FoN UI by Dr. Kuntarti, S.Kp., M. Biomed as Manager of Education and Student Affairs FoN UI, and administrative explanation of FoN  UI student admissions by Aries Mundari, S.Sos.

“We hope that on this occasion, ladies and gentlemen, who may be interested in entering one of the study programs within FoN, they can obtain information about other than the program itself, namely the registration process at the University of Indonesia. . So later we can both follow the speakers who will provide the material, “said Dr. Enie Novieasteri.

Next, was a presentation about the study program at FoN UI by Dr. Kuntarti, S.Kp., M. Biomed. “FoN UI has 10 study programs. For the undergraduate level, we have* regular and extension classes, then the Nursing study program, the Nursing Profession. Then, for Masters, we have six specializations, ranging from leadership, medical surgery, maternity, psychology, children, and current oncology. God willing, a gerontic program will be opened. For specialists, *we have opened five professional nurse specialist programs, namely medical surgery, maternity, psychiatry, children, and next year we will open oncology nursing specialists and then doctors,” he said.

Aries Mundari presented about the FoN UI student admission administration system. “To take part in the selection process, what prospective participants need to prepare are academic and administrative requirements,” he said.

This activity ended with a 45 minute question and answer session. From the many applicants who joined the Nursing UI Post Graduate V-Open Day 2021, as well as during presentations, it was seen that the Nursing UI Post Graduate V-Open Day 2021 participants were quite enthusiastic in seeking more complete information about the FoN UI Post Graduate Program.