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History of Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) began with the opening of the Nursing Study Program which was established at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia in 1985. The foundation for the establishment of this Study Program was due to the increasing public demand for professional nursing services and referring to development policies health workers in Indonesia as stated in the National Health System. The establishment of Nursing Study Program is the result of a joint effort between the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Health and other related institutions which in January 1983 conducted a National Nursing Workshop which resulted in recommendations for the development of nursing personnel at the undergraduate level.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia has been appointed by the Directorate of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture with the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education No. in the field of nursing the first Bachelor’s degree in Indonesia. In accordance with the decree of the Minister of Education and Culture, R.I. No. 0332/O/1995 dated November 15, 1995, Nursing Study Program has been approved as the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI). With this ratification, the management of education is no longer carried out by the Faculty of Medicine but entirely by FoN UI independently.

Nursing Study Program has organized two types of Strata I Programs, namely Program A and Program B. Program A accepts high school graduates and Program B accepts Diploma Nursing/AKPER graduates with study assignments from institutions; held in the morning. To increase opportunities for nurses who work but have the desire to continue their education while working, in the 1995 academic year the Extension Class B Program was opened which was held in the afternoon. The length of education for program A is 9 semesters, while program B is for 5 semesters and graduates of both programs are Bachelor of Nursing abbreviated as S.Kp., who have full abilities and can be authorized as professional nurses. In accordance with the development of the national education policy, since 1998 FoN UI has organized separate educational programs between the academic program stage and the professional program stage. The length of study for the academic education program is designed to be completed in 8 semesters for Program A and 4 semesters for Program B; while the length of study for professional education for both Program A and Program B is 2 semesters. Starting in 2000, the term Program A is a regular program and Program B is an Extension Program. Extension Program is held in the morning and evening. Graduates of the academic stage are Bachelor of Nursing abbreviated as S.Kep. and graduates of the professional stage are Ners abbreviated as Ns (professional nurse).

As a response to the complexity of quality nursing services, FoN UI opens postgraduate education programs:

YearStudy Program
1999Master of Nursing, Nursing Leadership and Management
2003Master of Nursing, Maternity Nursing
Maternity Nursing Specialist
Master of Nursing, Community Nursing
Community Nursing Specialist
2005Master of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing
Medical Surgical Nursing Specialist
Master of Nursing, Mental Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing Specialist
2007Master of Nursing, Pediatric Nursing Specialist
Pediatric Nursing Specialist
2020Master of Nursing, Oncology Nursing
2021Master of Nursing, Gerontic Nursing

Since 1996, FoN UI lecturers have been grouped into 4 (four) scientific groups, namely:
1) Basic Science and Fundamental of Nursing;
2) Medical Surgical Nursing;
3) Maternity and Pediatric Nursing;
4) Mental Health and Community Nursing.

However, in line with UI’s status as a BHMN and in an effort to develop nursing science, in 2004 FoN-UI developed sections into 6 (six) scientific groups, namely:
1) Basic Science and Fundamental of Nursing;
2) Medical Surgical Nursing;
3) Maternity Nursing;
4) Pediatric Nursing;
5) Mental Health Nursing;
6) Community Nursing.

Furthermore, in 2014 the scientific group was changed to a Department in line with the enactment of the 2014 UI Bylaws so that currently FoN UI has 6 (six) Departments.

Implementation of learning activities managed by the Basic Science and Fundamental of Nursing Division began at the FoN UI Depok campus since October 2000. With the completion of the FoN UI Depok building construction, since July 2003 almost all activities have utilized the FoN UI campus facilities and the UI campus facilities in Depok. Learning activities involving guest lecturers from Faculty of Medicine and Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital as well as academic venture activities using the FoN UI Salemba campus.

Since 2012, the implementation of learning activities for the undergraduate program has been carried out in the Health Sciences Clump building together with four other faculties in the Health Sciences Cluster, namely the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Public Health and Faculty of Pharmacy. This is also in line with the implementation of an integrated curriculum for health sciences which came into effect in the 2012/2013 academic year. For postgraduate student learning (Master, Specialist and Doctoral) since 2012 it has been carried out in the Education Building and FoN UI Laboratory,because the FoN UI Depok Campus which was previously the location of development UI Hospital (RSUI).

Leadership Period

Period of leadership of FIK-UI since its establishment in 1985 until now:

1985-1989Nursing Study Program – Faculty of Medicine UIAchir Yani Syuhaimie, MNStudy Program Coordinator
1989-1993Nursing Study Program – Faculty of Medicine UITien Gartinah, MNStudy Program Coordinator
1993-1996Nursing Study Program – Faculty of Medicine UIAchir Yani S. Hamid, D.N.ScStudy Program Coordinator
1996-1999Faculty of Nursing UIProf. Dr. Azrul Azwar, dr., MPH (alm)Dean
2000-2004Faculty of Nursing UIDra. Elly Nurachmah, D.N.ScDean
2004-2008Faculty of Nursing UIProf. Dra. Elly Nurachmah, D.N.ScDean
2008-2014Faculty of Nursing UIDewi Irawaty, M.A., PhDDean
2014-2018Faculty of Nursing UIDra. Junaiti Sahar, SKp., M.App.Sc., PhDDean
2018-2022Faculty of Nursing UIAgus Setiawan, SKp., MN, DNDean