FoN UI Residency Student Serves in Mekarjaya

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Postgraduate students (S2) University of Indonesia Faculty of Nursing (FoN) in running the Service Program (Residence) in Mekarjaya Village, Sukmajaya for six months.

Mekarjaya Village Head, Zainal Arifin said, the Residency Program fulfills the requirements for obtaining a Master’s degree, during October to April 2020.

“This is a form of their service to the community, related to the health of children and the elderly, senility and mental problems that often occur in the community. Of course this result will have a positive impact, “said Zainal.

Furthermore, Zainal explained, Residesi has two concerns for the next six months, namely education and health. For education, SMPN 4 Depok and SMPN 22 Depok.

“I want the results of this to be felt by my citizens, whether students, civilians, the elderly, to the wider community,” he explained.

Meanwhile, one of the Postgraduate Students of FoN UI, Anung Ahadi Pradana said, this program is a prerequisite for obtaining a Magiste degree. And, during the Residency, monthly reports and public information related to health and education are made, both for UI and kelurahan parties.

“The report is usually a list of public information, one of which we give is in the form of a Residency information booklet to the public,” he said.

In this residency, continued Anung, it will continue to prevent dementia or senile dementia. Meanwhile, the material is being prepared. So, he hopes that the community can play an active role and participate in the program.

“I hope that the community will participate, especially the elderly or those who are heading to the elderly to prevent diseases that are a scourge for them,” he concluded.

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