FoN UI Prevents Breast Cancer Through Conscious Comics

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In the midst of the current pandemic conditions, community service programs must continue to run as one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The Service Team for the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) led by Dr. Widyatuti, S.Kp., M.Kes., Sp.Kom, and Ns. Indah Permata Sari as a field supervisor together with 4 Masters program students led by Yolinda Suciliana and 12 FoN UI undergraduate students carried out community service activities carried out online for students of SMA N 112 Jakarta.

The series of community service activities began with the formation of a WhatsApp group 4 days before the implementation, as a medium of communication with participants. The WA group was also used to conduct pretests and provide the “Remaja SADARI” comic soft file media. The pretest aims to determine the level of knowledge and attitudes of participants in the form of comics and online education. The media makes it easier for participants to access it and get material before the deepening activity is carried out.

The results of the pretest average knowledge of young women about breast cancer and BSE are at a sufficient level of knowledge (78.73). The lowest score is 55 and the highest score is 90. The posttest results show that the average knowledge of adolescents is very good (87.81). This shows an increase in statistics regarding BSE knowledge in adolescent girls before and after education using comics.

Educational activities will be held on Friday 11 December 2020 pk. 13.30 to 15.00 online through the zoom application which aims to describe and explain breast cancer and BSE material which has been partly included in comics.

Material provided by Ns. Nurma Zela Gustina, S.Kep, is a Masters student in Community Nursing at FoN UI. Online education was continued by being divided into 3 groups to deepen understanding through FGDs accompanied by facilitators from the committee. The FGD is intended so that students can discuss more freely regarding the material that has been received. Actively discussing with the existence of this comic, several participants stated that some had never heard of or received this information. By getting this, I feel happy that there is a way to detect that can be done independently, cheaply and easily. According to the students, this comic is easy to understand, interesting and very useful. There are even students who have practiced BSE immediately after getting the comic.

This online education activity was also attended by the Deputy Principal, Mrs. Hj. Satya Winarah S.Pd. Women’s coach and teacher at SMAN 112 Jakarta. In her speech, Mrs. Satya Winarah expressed her gratitude and stated that the activities carried out were very useful for her students because there was a simple and easy way that could be done to self-detect before going to the hospital.

Follow-up activities can be done independently with the availability of a schedule to do BSE every month according to the guidelines in the Comics. In addition, with the whatsapp group, students can continue consulting in groups or individually with the service team. It is hoped that with the BSE comics that have been compiled, it can be useful for early detection of breast cancer by adolescents.