FoN UI Lecturer Initiates Posyandu Service Based on Android Application

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A number of Lecturers from the Department of Basic Nursing and Basic Nursing (DKKD) Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) initiated a series of programs that are expected to reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), reduce infant mortality, detect the risk of pregnancy, and support government programs in complete immunization. . The Science and Technology-based Community Service Team introduced an Android-based application called the Posyandu Information System (SIMADU). Through SIMADU, cadres at Posyandu will have online data on babies, toddlers, and pregnant women that can be filled in or accessed by both posyandu cadres and nurses at the Puskesmas.

SIMADU provides convenience in filling out data on parents, pregnant women, couples of childbearing age, infants and toddlers, and infant development through the immunization history feature based on the date of immunization. SIMADU is one of the administrative and documentation systems that can be used to accommodate and facilitate posyandu cadres in recording and reporting various activities at posyandu. The final report is in the form of Microsoft Excel. The features that SIMADU has are a list of posyandu, a list of parents, a list of babies, a list of toddlers, a list of women of childbearing age / couples of childbearing age, and a list of pregnant women.

The FoN UI Community Service Team consists of three lecturers, namely Ns. La Ode Abdul Rahman, S.Kep., MBA; Dr. Hanny Handiyani, S.Kp., M.Kep.; Ns. Shanti Farida Rachmi, S.Kep., Sp.Kep.MB; and four students, namely Ns. Friska, S.Kep.; Ns. Vergeina Ayu, S.Kep.; Muhammad Aziz; and Fakhri Muhammad Rizaldi S.Kep. To maximize the use of SIMADU, the FIK UI Community Service team held a socialization on (12/7) at the home of the head of the Flamboyan Posyandu, Kukusan, Depok. The material presented in this activity includes topics related to the Posyandu information system, SDGs, SIMADU applications, mentoring and evaluation of the Posyandu information system program. Knowing the various features and conveniences of this system, the cadres who participated in the socialization of this program seemed very enthusiastic and impatient to implement SIMADU in their respective posyandu.

FoN UI Community Service Team Leader Ns. La Ode Abdul Rahman, SKep., MBA said, “Posyandu performs an important function in providing health services for pregnant women, infants, toddlers and couples of childbearing age. Likewise, Posyandu mobilization teams and cadres play an important role in improving the quality of Posyandu services. For this reason, we have prepared a documentation system that is easy for cadres to use in reporting data related to Posyandu. The community service team also held training for them to improve the quality and use of information systems in every Posyandu activity. We hope that SIMADU will become a form of concrete action to support the SDGs program in creating a healthy life and promoting well-being at all ages which is very important for sustainable development.”

The SIMADU android-based posyandu service as a community service product funded by DRPM according to contract No: NKB-1261/UN2.R3.1/HKP.05.00/2019 supports the convenience and orderliness of information systems and databases within the Posyandu in order to improve Community Based Health Efforts ( UKBM). This effort is certainly in line with the ideals of the 3rd point of the SDG’s to reduce maternal and infant mortality.