Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan

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The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) held a commemoration of the 34th Anniversary on November 15, 2019. The event which took place in the Auditorium of the Education Building & Laboratory of FoN UI raised the theme “Caring the Nation, Saving the Future.”

This commemoration was attended by the FoN UI academic community which contained speeches from Prof. Achir Yani S. Hamid, M.N., D.N.Sc. In his oration, Prof. Yani conveyed a flashback of the history of the development of FIK UI from time to time.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FoN UI, Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., MN, DN , in his speech revealed several things that had been achieved by FoN UI and introduced several new facilities owned by the UI Faculty of Nursing, including the RPP Room, JKI Room, Consultation Room Students, Classrooms with New Facilities, and more.

To complete the FoN UI birthday celebration, the Dean of FoN UI cut the cone, accompanied by the Chair of MWA UI, Faculty Deans and Directors at UI, FoN UI Deputy Deans, FoN UI Professors, and FoN UI Senior Lecturers. PPNI, and the Chairman of AIPNI.

Happy birthday FoN UI. We wish you more success in producing qualified Indonesian nurses.