Vision & Mission, and Goals

Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia becomes the center for the development of culture-sensitive nursing science and technology that can compete at the national and international levels and contribute to health development by 2035.

1. To provide broad and equitable access for the community to attend quality nursing education at various types and levels.
2. To carry out high quality and relevant higher education activities (education, research and community engagement) with the challenges of the development national and global health and nursing services.
3. To prepare students to become graduates who have high intellectuality, noble character and follow the Indonesian Nursing Code of Ethics so that they are able to compete nationally and globally.
4. To create academic climate that is supportive the realization of the vision of FON- UI
5. To enhance national and global networks to develop the quality of higher education activities
6. To build learning and nursing practice based on evidence-based practice, technology and cultural sensitivity.
7. To foster nursing institutions and alumni in order to improve competency.
8. To contribute actively in achieving the vision of the Universitas Indonesia to become a university with legal status that is independent, excellent and capable to address the problems and challenges at the national and global levels, towards excellence in Southeast Asia.

FON-UI Goals:

  1. Develop culturally sensitive nursing science and technology and striving for its application to improve public health
  2. Strengthen and develop networks to create a professional nursing community in the Southeast Asia region.
  3. Produce quality graduates who are able to compete nationally, regionally and internationally.
  4. Conduct various nursing research that can contribute to the development of culturally sensitive nursing science either independently or in collaboration with domestic and foreign partners.
  5. Encourage and support the active participation of the academic community in health development and community service
  6. Implement scientific evidence-based nursing learning and practice (Evidence Based Practice), so that the uniqueness of nursing implemented in Indonesia will be better developed.
  7. Organize sound and accountable FON- UI governance by synergizing the potential and resources owned so that it runs in harmony.
  8. Create FON-UI as one of the  leading nursing education institutions in Southeast Asia.