UI Chancellor Inaugurates Permanent Professor of the Faculty of Nursing

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Depok, 21 December 2019 – University of Indonesia (UI) Chancellor Prof. Ari Kuncoro led the Inauguration Ceremony of Two UI Professors, Prof. Yeni Rustina as Permanent Professor of the Faculty of Nursing UI (FoN UI) and Prof. drg. Nurhayati A. Prihartono who is a Permanent Professor at the Faculty of Public Health (FoP UI)

In his inaugural speech at the UI Convention Center, Depok campus, Saturday, Prof. Yeni Rustiana delivered a speech entitled “Optimizing the Growth and Development of Low Birth Weight Babies through Developmental Care.”

Low birth weight (LBW) babies are babies born less than 2,500 grams and premature births are babies born with gestational age less than 37 weeks. LBW has a high risk of experiencing various health problems and even death and has a tendency to experience growth and development disorders.

“Low birth weight babies account for almost 40 percent of stunting. With regard to this problem, Prof. Yeni recommends providing developmental care,” he said.

He said the Nursing Team could intervene in the form of providing a safe environment through noise management, lighting, how to hold the baby; facilitate adequate oxygen; providing nutrition, namely breast milk (ASI); pain management; keeping the baby sleeping, and positioning.

One example of developmental care is Kangaroo Mother Care or Kangaroo Mother Care (PMK). PMK provides enormous benefits for LBW and their parents.

“Kangaroo care provides warmth to babies, babies suckle longer, gain weight faster, babies sleep longer, and reduce infections,” he explained.