The Story of Two FoN UI Students Who Become Volunteers Handling COVID-19 Patients

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Sri Agustin Tabara, Master of Nursing Student of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) and Sofina Izzah, Student of the Nursing Profession Program at FoN UI are two of 105 FIK UI students who directly volunteered to treat COVID-19 patients in a number of hospitals, one of which was UI Hospital (RSUI).

Sri said, “I received information that RSUI opened a call to become a volunteer. For that I registered myself collectively through the FoN UI Crisis Center. I went through a number of stages such as administrative selection, online interviews, and health screening.

For me, volunteering in this pandemic situation is a call from the state that must be done, especially for me who is a nurse. I am very burdened when I see the increasing need for medical personnel and health workers because the number of patients is increasing day by day.”

When asked how she manages the schedule between being a volunteer and students undergoing Distance Learning (Study from home), Sri said, “So far I haven’t had any significant problems when I have to go to college while being a volunteer. FoN UI releases students from participating in online lectures when they are volunteers, but I can still do assignments when I am free.”

In a week, Sri works for 5-6 working days where per day she undergoes one shift. Shift work is divided into three, namely, morning shift and afternoon shift each of 7 hours, and night shift of 12 hours.

Sri, who has been a volunteer since April 6, 2020, was placed in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which directly deals with patients. Sri’s current job is to work with RSUI nurses in giving attention to patients and helping meet all patient needs.

For Sri, the most memorable experience while working as a volunteer is seeing the general condition of the patient which is getting better day by day. Sri also feels proud when she gets support from the patient’s family and community. “This is ‘vitamin C’ for me and other health workers and medical personnel. It is also a source of strength in providing the best service,” said Sri.

Sri advised the public to maintain their health and not to underestimate this COVID-19 virus. Also, always apply PHBS (clean and healthy living behavior) such as washing hands properly and cleanly, practicing social distancing, always using a mask when leaving the house, and trying to stay at home. I hope that the negative stigma against COVID-19 patients, health workers and medical personnel can stop as well.”

Sofina’s story is not much different from Sri. He registered himself as a volunteer when he found out that RSUI opened a call as a volunteer. She has served as a nurse volunteer at RSUI since April 1, 2020. Sofina considers being a nurse during this pandemic is an act of heroism for the nation.

Currently Sofina is also placed in the ICU RSUI which is directly dealing with COVID-19 patients. “There is no concern in dealing with COVID-19 patients, considering that we have been equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Every day for 6 working days, I get a work shift of eight hours, with the division, the first four hours I served in the isolation room caring for patients with complete PPE, then after that I took off the PPE, showered, ate and then continued the rest of the time available to assisting administrative actions such as patient reports with RSUI nurses.”