The Role of FIK UI in Empowering Citizens’ Economy During a Pandemic

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During a pandemic, people are not only faced with health problems but also economic problems. The rise of layoffs has made people have to rack their brains so that the kitchen at home remains steaming.

Efforts that can be made are changing the profession to become a food entrepreneur, online motorcycle taxi or other. The development of ideas according to the abilities of each individual requires assistance from various parties. People who want to become entrepreneurs need help to improve their abilities, including through training.

According to Dr. Widyastuti, M.Kes, Sp. Kom as the person in charge of the Community Empowerment Community Service Program at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FIK UI) in collaboration with YBM PLN and the Biman Foundation, a series of empowerment activities that have been carried out with postgraduate students gave rise to ideas to duplicate activities in several YBM PLN fostered places.

Among the duplicated activities was the Arroyan Vegetable Making Training at several YBM PLN Islamic boarding schools in West Java Province. “This is a form of economic empowerment that can be developed by the community,” said Widyatuti.

This duplication program aims to increase economic independence through training in making Arroyan Vegetable Noodles, which can be carried out in various circles, including for students at Islamic boarding schools. Among the YBM PLN Islamic boarding schools, it was held for the first time at the YBM PLN Entrepreneurship Islamic Boarding School on Saturday (17/10). In this activity, students were not only taught how to make vegetable noodles by utilizing vegetable plants in the pesantren environment, but students were also given education. related to balanced nutrition during a pandemic.

One of the students who took part in the Arroyan Vegetable Noodle Making activity named Sultan said he was very enthusiastic about this training. “I am very happy to participate in this vegetable noodle making training. The ingredients are simple and the manufacturing process is also quite easy to do at home,” said the man from Bandung.

The Sultan also wanted that after graduating from the Islamic boarding school, he wanted to build a Chicken Noodle shop by utilizing the vegetables in his house. “When I graduate from the cottage, I want to be able to open a Chicken Noodle shop at my house with the provision of this training, so that I can improve the family economy,” said Sultan.

This duplication activity was also carried out at the An Nahl Center for Community Empowerment Islamic Boarding School in Bogor on Saturday (7/11). In this activity the Santri were also given training related to processing vegetables in the pesantren environment to make Vegetable Noodles which are an option in replacing daily carbohydrate sources and also have high economic value. During the training process, the FIK UI Community Service Team continued to implement health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance.

The Service Team of postgraduate students, namely Zela and Yolinda, stated that they were very enthusiastic in every service activity they provided. “We are very happy because we can provide benefits to the community and help their lives indirectly,” he said.

Zela and Yolinda also stated that they would be involved in the campus collaboration activities (FIK UI) with YBL PLN. “Because every activity that is carried out is responded positively and welcomed by the participants so that the results increase knowledge and have an economic impact as well as community food security,” he said.