The Right Way to Set the Diet for Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes

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Pregnant women can have diabetes. If blood sugar is above normal, then pregnant women can develop gestational diabetes. So how to eat during pregnancy if you have gestational diabetes?

In addition to drugs, how to deal with diabetes during pregnancy is with the right portion of food. Diabetes Educator from the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) Yulia explained that pregnant women with this condition have fasting blood sugars of more than 124. And current blood sugars of more than 200.

“Handling, depends. Same with other types of diabetes, can be with diet, or with oral medication or insulin. There are many cases with insulin,” said Yulia

If you can still intervene with your diet or change your diet, Yulia gives her tips. How to adjust the calorie needs.

“So to eat, you have to count the number of calories. It will be adjusted later, for pregnant women there will be an additional 20 percent of normal needs,” he said.

“So far, people have misperceptions, yes. If the blood sugar is high, the food should be reduced. Even though no, the food must be adjusted to their needs. What is the need calculated based on? Later there will be factors that influence this calculation,” he added.

First, it is adjusted according to height and weight. Then calculated and adjusted the calories.

Second, adapted to the activity of light weight sedan. If the activity is light, for example, calories are added 10 percent, if it’s heavy 20 percent.

Third, is the age factor. Then the doctor will determine the right diet based on these three factors and the 3 J’s, Amount, Type, and Hours of eating.