Synchronization of Teaching and Learning Activities and Governance with the SDGs approach for the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Environmental Sustainability at FoNUI

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global action plan agreed by countries in the world, including Indonesia, to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect the environment. The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) is committed to participating in the achievement of 17 goals in the Sustainable Development Goals. FoN UI runs a program that aims to synchronize learning and governance activities with a 17 goals approach to prevent non-communicable diseases/Non-Communicable Diseases (SDGs 3) and maintain environmental sustainability/GreenMetrics (SDGs 6, 7, 13, 14, 15) .


It started with awareness training activities (Depok July 10, 2019) with participants being leaders, lecturers, education staff and student representatives from all levels. Acting as resource person is Dr. Sigit Mulyono, SKp., MN; La Ode Abdul Rahman, S Kep., Ners, MBA; and Hening Pujasari, MBiomed., MANP, PhD. Siva FoN was trained for the purpose of refreshing and raising awareness through the delivery of materials focused on the topics of SDGs, Green Metrics, and NCDs. Intermediate activities consist of pretest-posttest, sharing ideas, making recommendations, and creative performances. All participants pass the minimum graduation threshold and are entitled to become agents of SDGs-NCDs-Green FoN UI. The two best participants are appointed as ambassadors. These agents and ambassadors will actively serve as examples and run sustainable programs related to the implementation of SDGs at FoN UI.


The next activity is the Workshop on curriculum mapping and Standard Operating Procedures (POB) FoN UI (Depok 18 July 2019). This activity is a form of participation and evaluation of the curriculum and institutional governance. The resource persons for this activity are Dr. Enie Novieastari, SKp., MSN and Dr. Nani Nurhaeni, SKp., MN. Meanwhile, the participants of the workshop are leaders, lecturers, and staff. During the workshop, the following activities were carried out: 1) discussing why the mapping of courses (MK) and POB was important for the success of the program; 2) scanning of: the Constitutional Court, the topic of research-community service, and POB at FoN UI that have and have not contained SDGs, GreenMetric and NCDs prevention content; and 3) preparation of governance policy documents at FoN UI by taking into account the SDGs for the prevention of NCDs and environmental sustainability at FoN UI. This activity formulated two important documents, namely a curriculum map and recommendations for FoN governance based on SDGs, NCDs Free and GreenMetric. One of the results of curriculum mapping is that the FoN curriculum is aligned/using the SDGs approach, especially SDG3 Health and well-being (100% courses); SDG4 quality education; SDG5 gender equality; SDG6 clean water and satitation; SDG16 peace, justice and strong institutions; and SDG17 partnership for the goals. While the results of the recommendations are then developed into a document of Guidelines and Procedures for Implementation

Energy and Water Savings endorsed by the Dean of FOn UI.

One form of dissemination of activities that has been carried out by FoN UI is holding a half-day international seminar on the topic of SDGs. Two seminar materials “The social impact of nursing education in achieving SDGs” and “Engaging with SDGs in nursing education: Toward local action. The seminar was held at FoN UI (Depok 12 August 2019) (FoN UI Administration Center)