Preventing Covid-19 Transmission, FoN UI Socializes Clean and Healthy Life Behavior to Cheerful Orphans of Thousand Islands

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The Community Service Team from the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia, conducted a series of community services at the Ceria Seribu Island Orphanage. A total of 44 children received education about Clean and Healthy Life Behavior. This community service is chaired by Mr. Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., MN,DN, with 4 nursing master students and one nursing lecturer as members. This community service is carried out with the aim of increasing the knowledge and abilities of the participants about clean and healthy living behavior, moreover during this pandemic we are required to increase our immunity to stay healthy, one of which is to behave in a clean and healthy life.

This community service carried out from the University of Indonesia has been planned since before the pandemic and is carried out continuously by implementing health protocols. The service team conducted temperature checks for all participants before joining the event. In addition, the Service Team distributed masks and hand sanitizer to the participants as an effort to always apply the health protocol during the activity. The participants were required to sit at a distance and limited the number of participants in one room. This is done to support the 3M Government program (using masks, washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer, and maintaining distance).

This activity begins with an opening and introduction from the service team to all participants starting at 08.30 WIB. The youth warmly and enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of the service team. As we know that teenagers who are in the Rumah Yatim Ceria Seribu Pulau live together and interact with each other. “A large number of teenagers who live in one place and interact with each other require them to be able and maintain cleanliness in order to maintain the health of themselves and those around them,” said Mr. Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., MN., DN, as the head of this activity. “Moreover, the current pandemic conditions, the spread of the virus easily occurs, diligent behavior in washing hands, using masks when interacting with others and maintaining health are very important things to prevent virus transmission,” added Ns. La Ode Abdurrahman, MBA, a lecturer in this community service team.

After the introductory session and opened by the Head of the FoN UI service team, then there was the provision of educational materials by Syamikar Baridwan, S.Kep., Ns regarding COVID-19 and the importance of PHBS in protecting oneself from COVID-19 transmission as an effort to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19 19 in Society. After the exposure, one of the clean and healthy living behaviors that has been echoed for a long time to maintain health and personal hygiene is washing hands. The practice of washing hands with soap under running water was carried out by all participants through 6 steps of hand washing and was directly guided by the FIK UI service team. The hope is that this behavior should become a very good habit, because in addition to maintaining health, cleanliness, and breaking the chain of transmission of the Corona virus, religion also teaches it.

Apart from the FoN UI service team, several humanitarian agencies also participated in the success of this activity in the fulfillment of prayer equipment, distribution of Hygiene Kits, and free haircuts.