Prevent Hypertension, FoN UI Volunteers Give Counseling in Kampung Naga

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The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia conducted community service in Kampung Naga, Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java on November 28-30 2019.

Dr. Enie Novieastari, S.Kp., MSN, Team Leader of this activity said that healthy behavior must be instilled early on, in order to create a healthy society in the future. Community service is part of the 34th Anniversary of FoN UI.

“The community service activities that we provide are hypertension prevention counseling for vulnerable communities, hypertension material is very relevant to the needs of the community because based on the health screening conducted by the Community Service Team of FoN UI, it was found that 42% of 72 people suffered from hypertension, the counseling was delivered in Sundanese so that people easily understand the material presented. In addition to counseling, we also provide training in the six steps of washing hands with soap, screening the health of children and residents, as well as reporting the results of the screening to the village authorities. Counseling is done not only by providing material, but also creatively playing PHBS snakes and ladders, so that children learn in a fun and happy way. The theme of this activity is the formation of clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS) in school children”. explained Enie Novieastari in Kampung Naga, Friday, November 20, 2019.

Ade Suherli, Pakuncen Kampung Naga welcomed this activity. According to him, there is no village in Naga, while other health services are far from the village. That’s why this activity is very useful.

“We are very happy with the activities carried out by FoN UI lecturers and students, because in Kampung Naga there is no Posyandu, so health information will certainly be very useful for residents, and hopefully the collaboration with UI can continue.” Ade Suherli explained.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FoN UI, Agus Setiawan, S.Kp.,MN.,DN who was also at the location of this community service activity said, FoN UI wanted to be a part of making the Indonesian nation healthy. In this activity, the team involved were 38 people consisting of 6 lecturers and 32 extension students from class 2018.

“This community service activity is a form of FoN UI’s contribution in supporting Indonesia’s health development by utilizing the resources we have and the community. This is the first year that FoN UI has carried out Community Service to Kampung Naga. Previously, we conducted more cross-cultural nursing studies,” explained the Dean of FoN UI.