It’s Important to Be Your Own Nurse in Refugees

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Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI), Agus Setiawan said, there are at least three steps that the community must understand in dealing with post-flood disasters, so that they can become nurses for themselves.

“The important thing is that all people understand that in this flood situation, of course, pay attention to their own health. To take care of oneself increases Self Awereness, that the one who knows best about our own health is ourselves. Like an emergency situation on a plane, make sure our condition is good, then we can take care of others, for example in providing oxygen assistance,” said the man with a doctorate, when contacted by, Thursday (2/1/2020).

Furthermore, Agus Setiawan said, the second step is to ensure the condition of the body’s defense or immunity in the body is also well maintained. The easiest thing to do to determine decreased body resistance is to observe changes in the body.

“In flood conditions, we are quickly infected because the movement of germs also passes through the water. It could also be due to changes in weather. Of course, our immune system must still be considered by maintaining nutritional needs. It’s hard in such a situation. Even if nutritional intake is lacking, the need for water should not be reduced. The third step is to immediately recognize and observe changes that occur in our bodies, such as temperature, heart rate and others,” concluded this young Dean.

It is known, the impact of floods that submerged parts of Jakarta and its surroundings since early Wednesday morning caused thousands of residents to be evacuated. The total number of refugees affected by floods in some areas of Jakarta has reached more than 19 thousand people.

The Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, Anies Baswedan, said that most of the locations for evacuation sites for victims affected by flooding were in the East Jakarta area. Although later there will be a health post, of course being a nurse for yourself is something that must be pursued.