ILUNI FoN UI gives scholarships to 13 FoN UI students

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Tuesday (15/01/2019) afternoon, the University of Indonesia Alumni Association of the Faculty of Nursing (ILUNI FoN UI) held the opening of the ILUNI FoN UI scholarship program at the Postgraduate Building FoN UI Depok, Lt. 4.

This event was attended by the Chairperson of ILUNI FoN UI, Dr. Prayetni, S.Kp, MN.; Deputy Chairperson of ILUNI FoN UI, Purwadi, S.Kp, M.Kep., Sp.Kep.Kom; ILUNI FoN UI Colleagues, Ns. Dadang Suharto, S.Kp., WOCN and Amelia Kurniawati, S.Kp., MN.; General Manager of HR FoN UI, Dr Sigit Mulyono, S.Kp., MN.; and several FoN UI students.

The ILUNI FoN UI scholarship program is not limited to only undergraduate students (S1), but also postgraduate or professional (S2) FoN UI programs.

This scholarship is expected to be able to solve the financial problems faced by undergraduate and postgraduate students in completing their study programs.

The scholarship model used by ILUNI FoN UI is foster parents. So one ILUNI FoN UI is responsible for one student, it could be more depending on the ability of the ILUNI concerned.

There are already 13 FoN UI students who have received ILUNI FoN UI scholarships with 10 foster parents from ILUNI FoN UI who have participated in this scholarship program.

The number of students can still increase following the number of student responses who need financial assistance to ILUNI FoN UI.

Derived from the number of students who need this assistance, ILUNI FoN UI will find foster parents who can financially help the student concerned, depending on their needs.

Apart from using the foster parent model, ILUNI also opens opportunities for other people who want to help with this scholarship program by providing a package model whose profits will be used as additional funds to make this scholarship program a success.

“ILUNI wants to initiate how ILUNI can support various college problems. So (students) who need it do not have to feel ashamed or humble themselves. This is like an ordinary program, like brotherly affection for younger siblings to be able to continue their studies.” said Dr. Sigit Mulyono,, MN.

“We don’t want anyone to drop out of study because there are financial limitations,” said Dr. Sigit Mulyono.