FoN UI’s Contribution in Efforts to Prevent Bullying in Children

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Bullying or bullying is a serious problem for the world of education. Reports related to bullying cases have been increasing lately and some of them are quite viral on social media. This is the background for the Department of Child Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia to carry out community service activities with the theme “Efforts to Prevent Bullying in Children in Depok”. In addition, the theme of community service is very much in line with the Depok city government program, namely the creation of Depok a child-friendly city. The targets of this community service activity are students and educators who are elementary school teachers in the city of Depok. This activity is expected to strengthen the understanding of both educators and students towards bullying and its impact, so that it is expected to reduce the number of incidents of bullying in children.

This series of seminars on community service was carried out twice, namely a seminar for educators held on October 2, 2019, and for students on October 8, 2019. The seminar for elementary school teachers was held in the Laboratory and Education Hall of FoN UI by inviting the Depok city education office , the activator of the PKK in the city of Depok and attended by 29 educators from various elementary schools in Depok. In this seminar, two resource persons were presented who discussed the basic concepts and impacts of bullying on children as well as early detection and handling in the school environment. Then a focused group discussion was formed to discuss problems and solutions regarding bullying cases that had been found.

Furthermore, the socialization of bullying prevention to students was carried out on October 8, 2019 at SDN Beji 1 Depok by involving 80 children from grades 4 and 5. Socialization activities to students were presented in an interesting way by packaging games as an evaluation of students’ knowledge of bullying. Based on the evaluation that was carried out, it was found that children were able to recognize bullying and what to do, both as victims and witnesses. After this community service activity, it is hoped that Depok will become a city that provides protection for children, especially from various forms of bullying.