FoN UI Trains Health Cadres to Prevent Stunting in the Midst of a Pandemic

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The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) conducts community service (pengmas) in Banyubiru Village, Labuan District, Pandeglang Banten. This time the Community Service held by FoN UI has the theme “Prevent Stunting in a Pandemic Period”. This activity is carried out by providing training to Cadres on stunting prevention. According to Ns. Indah Permata, Sp.Kep.Kom as the head of the cadre service team was chosen to be trained because healthy behavior must be instilled early on in order to create a healthy society in the future. Healthy culture needs to be instilled from an early age because childhood is the most appropriate time to inculcate good habits including clean and healthy living behavior.


Based on 2018 Basic Health Research data, Indonesia’s toddlers who experience stunting are 30.8 percent. If this continues, children who suffer from stunting will have low cognitive abilities and are vulnerable to transmission of non-communicable diseases so that it will have an impact on their productivity abilities when they reach adulthood.


The Community Service Team consisting of FoN UI lecturers and students from the Nurses’ Semi-Autonomous and Publishing Agency (BSOP) aims to prevent stunting with a community cultural approach. Such as the culture of selecting and processing foodstuffs, recognizing the characteristics of stunting, as well as efforts that can be made to prevent stunting. This is in line with the program launched by President Joko Widodo to achieve the stunting rate target of below 14% by 2024 or below 680 thousand per year.

The Dean of FoN UI, Agus Setiawan, S.Kp.,MN.,DN in his speech expressed hope that cadres will remain at the forefront of public health in stunting prevention. in Banyu Biru Village” explained the Dean of FoN UI.


This activity was welcomed by the Banyu Biru Village Head, Ach Hinayatunur, SE, in his speech he expressed his gratitude for the  Faculty of Nursing UI and hoped that positive activities like this could be carried out regularly so that the public was well educated about health.


“On behalf of the people of Banyubiru Village, we thank FoN UI, hopefully it can increase the knowledge of cadres and the community so that they continue to be educated about health.” Banyubiru Village Head continued.


In addition to being given training on stunting prevention through the preparation of balanced nutrition and how to educate the public, the FoN UI Community Service Team also conducted counseling about Covid-19. The training for health cadres was carried out face-to-face, on 27-28 November 2020 face-to-face by implementing health protocols and continued with education about covid-19


“Community groups are the main and strongest component in breaking the chain of the spread of Covid-19. Training on how to wash hands and the correct use of masks is one of the basic things in providing education to the cadres present,” said Indah. The cadres said that they were ready to be movers and to distribute the knowledge they had received to the people of Banyu Biru Village.