FoN UI Team Teaches Residents to Make Noodles from Vegetables

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The epidemic condition causes many economic and public health problems. Concrete assistance is needed from various parties. The community service team of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FIK UI), led by Dr. Widyatuti, M.Kes., Sp. Kom, together with postgraduate students, in collaboration with YBM PLN and the Biman Foundation, have made several community empowerment activities since September 2020 at RT 06/04 Tanah Baru Depok City.

One of them is the Cinta Raga program, which is to grow crops in one’s own yard, and fulfill daily nutrition by utilizing makeshift land. This program consists of 3 main activities, namely planting with Verticulture Media, Health Counseling and Food Processing Training. Residents of RT 06/04 Arroyan have previously attended training on planting using verticulture media, where this verticulture media is a recommendation to utilize minimal land in urban areas so that they can grow crops in their own yards to meet their family’s daily vegetable consumption. Examples of vegetables grown are kale, spinach, and mustard greens. The following is the development of residents’ plants after 1-2 weeks of planting.

Residents who take part in the “Love Raga” program are residents of a group that meets the requirements for recipients of PLN YBM assistance. One of the recipients interviewed, Yuni, who is a widow with 3 children, said that the “Love Raga” program activity is very beneficial for her family, where with this program she can take advantage of the minimal land in the house she lives in to plant vegetables and then process them into raw materials. food for his family,” said Yuni.

Residents of RT 06/04 gathered on the terrace of the An Nahl Arroyan Mosque to take part in Balanced Nutrition Counseling and Food Processing Training with High Economic Value. In this activity, they still adhere to the health protocol where residents who take part in the training are required to wear masks, wash their hands, check their temperature and keep their distance.

Arnindya, a student of the Community Nursing master’s program, Faculty of Nursing gave education about balanced nutrition and how to process cooking that can still maintain the nutritional content of food. On this occasion, residents also learned how to make noodles with vegetable-based ingredients. It is expected that the vegetables used come from their own plants, because previously the participants had planted using vertical media.