FoN UI Student Audience to Commission IX DPR RI regarding “BPJS Health and Its Problems”

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Chairman of the 2019 FoN UI Nursing Leadership and Management Masters Force Yandih Mardean said his party supported the DPR’s policy to refuse to increase BPJS class 3 contributions.

According to him, the refusal needs to be done considering that the class 3 participants come from underprivileged groups.

“The desire to pay BPJS which we tried with Rp. He didn’t want to pay 25 thousand, let alone increase it. For grades 1 and 2, it’s okay, please go up,” Yandih said.

In addition to expressing his opinion, Yandih who came with his colleagues to Commission IX of the DPR-RI also provided input to members of the DPR to make promotive and preventive efforts in the health sector so that BPJS would not continue to suffer losses due to the large number of people falling ill.

“It is important to carry out promotive and preventive efforts, because so far the curative burden is very high, BPJS is making losses. The promotive and preventive efforts are intended to make healthy people more healthy again, the sick are prevented from getting sick, the nurse’s role is very important,” he added.

The preventive and promotive efforts suggested by the Master of Nursing Leadership and Management UI include the 1 village 1 nurse program, promoting healthy heart exercise, and socializing the community for early detection of disease.