FoN UI Socializes Healthy Life Management as One of the Keys to Breaking the Covid-19 Transmission Chain

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The community service team led by Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., MN, DN with members Ns. La Ode Abdurrahman, MBA, and 4 nursing master students from the University of Indonesia conducted community service activities at the Thousand Island Orphanage on Sunday, October 4, 2020 regarding Environmental Management for Mosque Youth and Youth Youth Organizations in the Ceria Seribu Island Orphanage area. This activity is a series of community services carried out to increase public knowledge and awareness of the importance of creating a healthy environment.

This activity in the form of health education was attended by 33 youth youth groups who have important roles in the community. Before starting the outreach activities, the youths had their health checked through measuring body temperature, wearing masks and washing their hands, then they were gathered in the room by sitting a distance from each other. The community service team started the outreach activities with introductions and gave the youth a trigger in the form of simple questions related to healthy environmental management.

The youths looked enthusiastic and serious in participating in the counseling. Environmental management material delivered by Ns. Hera Berliana’s diction focuses on regulating a healthy and clean environment that is closely related to preventing the spread of the corona virus. For example, we can start to regulate the internal environment from within ourselves such as implementing a clean and healthy life, consuming healthy foods, and continuing to exercise regularly. Meanwhile, to regulate a healthy environment, it can be started from the environment in the house such as maintaining healthy air circulation, ventilation, no damp floors or walls and providing separate rooms for family members who are suspected of being sick so as not to infect other family members.

Some of the results of the discussion obtained were that the youths took the initiative to modify their environment, such as placing a hand washing sink, posting posters on how to prevent the spread of the corona virus and checking compliance with the use of masks in the orphanage where they live.

This environmental management counseling took place from 13.00 WIB to 15.00 WIB and ended with a question and answer session from the youth. Some of the questions actually lead to the public’s curiosity about preventing the spread of the corona virus, which is currently having a wider impact. “Young people here believe that the corona virus is true, it’s just that they don’t really understand how the virus can spread and how to prevent it from spreading,” said Ns. Syamikar is a member of the service team. After the Q&A session was over, the service team provided 1 Set of Hand Hygiene as an effort to control the spread of the Corona Virus in the community.