Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan

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The 5 Best FoN UI Students Are Ready to Participate in the 2021 Indonesian International Student Mobility Award Scholarship Program. IISMA 2021 is a scholarship program held by the Indonesian Government which is managed centrally by the Directorate General of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture. The IISMA 2021 scholarship program provides an opportunity for students to spend a semester at a partner university abroad to study, get to know the culture of the host country, and hone skills by doing practical assignments. This scholarship program is open to undergraduate students from all universities in Indonesia.

The IISMA 2021 scholarship program can be used as an opportunity for students to add relationships as well as explore new things. The best students representing FoN UI who participated in this program were Fardi Fajrian Ihsana (FoN UI SI Regular 2019), Filosa Rahmatu Zahra (FoN UI S1 Regular 2019), Verina Clearesta (FoN UI S1 Regular 2019), Annisa Ditra Novara (FoN UI S1 Regular 2019), and Ancilla Renya Damarasr (FoN UI S1 Regular 2019). Each participant will be sent to different overseas partner universities. The overseas partner universities that will be visited by each participant are the University of Granada (Spain) by Fardi Fajrian Ihsana, Universiti Malaya (Malaysia) by Filosa Rahmatu Zahra, Prince of Songkla University (Thailand) by Annisa Ditra Novara, University of California ( USA) by Verina Clearesta, and the University of Glasgow (Scotland) by Ancilla Renya Damarasr.

“My motivation to join the IISMA 2021 program was from a friend and a lecturer’s recommendation. Well, when the announcement was made, I honestly didn’t think so because when I chose a university it was a bit crazy where I chose to go to Glasgow, then the course I chose was also not in line with nursing, so it made me feel inferior, I was afraid that I would choose the one that matched my major, then I turned out to be get away. Yesterday, I also had many discussions with my academic supervisor regarding the courses I took, one of which was that I took the challenge course in the end of life. I think this is interesting because the elderly population there is more than the population of children which is inversely proportional to Indonesia, so I’m sure the experience while there will be very beneficial because later we will learn a lot about the elderly, especially about what challenges exist at the end of life. and the knowledge can later be shared in Indonesia,” said Ancilla when interviewed (18/06/2021)

The IISMA 2021 scholarship program provides a variety of courses that participants can choose from at each of the selected overseas partner universities. This program is expected to be a new page for selected FIK UI students to make achievements in the international arena and become the door to develop science in Indonesia.