FoN UI Provides Training for Volunteer Nurses on Duty at the COVID-19 Referral Hospital

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The Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia (FoN UI) through the FoN UI COVID-19 Crisis Center recruits COVID-19 nurse volunteers who are expected to meet the needs of nurses’ human resources (HR) and assist medical personnel in providing health services at the Wisma Emergency Hospital. UI Athletes and Hospital (RSUI). Not only recruiting volunteers, the FoN UI COVID-19 Crisis Center also provides briefing for volunteers, in the form of materials related to nursing care for COVID-19 patients by FoN UI experts and lecturers. Until now, the number of volunteers who have been successfully recruited is 203 people (consisting of volunteers for nurses, midwives and public health experts, and other personnel.

The crisis center which was initiated by the Dean of FIK UI, Dr. Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., M.N., D.N has recruited 64 volunteers from Greater Jakarta and 139 people from outside Greater Jakarta. The volunteers are students and alumni of FoN UI as well as the general public. Now the volunteers have gone directly to the Wisma Atlet Hospital and RSUI following the official shift, providing nursing care in the ICU room specifically for COVID-19 patients, as well as preventing COVID-19 infections.

Head of the Crisis Center of the FoN UI COVID-19 Crisis Center, Dr. Tuti Nuraini.SKp., M.Ked.Biomed said, “Currently 42 volunteers are on duty at the RSUI and 2 volunteers are on duty at the Wisma Atlet Hospital. Prior to carrying out its duties, the FoN UI COVID-19 Crisis Center provided online material debriefing, in the form of infection prevention materials, nursing care for COVID-19 patients, and psychological aspects of volunteers. Not only hard skill training, volunteers are also given soft skill training to be better prepared to provide nursing services to COVID-19 patients.”

UI Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation Prof. Dr. rer. grout. Abdul Haris added, “The establishment of the FoN UI COVID-19 Crisis Center is clear evidence that UI is part of a higher education institution that contributes significantly in taking part in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in terms of providing human resources for nurses”. Along with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, the need for human resources for nurses will continue to increase, and the FoN UI Crisis Center is expected to meet these needs.

The debriefing and training by the FoN UI COVID-19 Crisis Center was responded positively by the volunteers. Sri Agustin Tabara, one of the volunteers who is also a FoN UI student said, “The briefing made us more confident, so that we can be optimal in providing nursing services during the COVID-19 pandemic.”