FoN UI Invites Women to Care about Reproductive Organ Health

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The era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the field of information technology provides easy access to information online.

This has an impact on the population of women of reproductive age, including adolescent girls, to obtain information about caring for the health of their reproductive organs and functions by utilizing advanced technology.

On the other hand, efforts to promote health and prevent women’s reproductive problems have been carried out by many parties and provided in various forms at each regional level with coordination from various government and private institutions/institutions/organizations.

For example, the BKKBN has Adolescent Reproductive Health (KRR) programs for adolescent girls, including by holding the “Healthy School” program and providing reproductive health posyandu with one of its activities providing health materials for adolescents.

“The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN-UI), Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. Universitas Indonesia care and seek health promotion to promote reproductive health and prevent women’s reproductive problems by utilizing the media. online through the Tridarma of Higher Education activities in the field of service and community service,” said the Head of the Service Team, Yati Afiyanti in her statement, Thursday (9/7/2020).

She said the Department of Maternity Nursing and Women’s Health FIK-UI and the Faculty of Medicine were oriented towards providing primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of reproductive problems and other women’s health problems.

“These efforts include providing education and empowering women to have self-awareness and independently promote reproductive health and prevent problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, Faculty of Computer Science UI’s Digital Library and Distance Learning (DL2) laboratory supports the development of technology-based educational media. This collaboration is very much needed in the current situation given the sophistication of technology that is so attached to the world of women of reproductive age.

The purpose of this community service activity is to increase knowledge and maintain healthy behavior in caring for reproductive organs and functions in the female population of reproductive age.

Efforts will be made with the “love my crown” campaign, namely campaigning for reproductive health using e-learning application media for education that can be learned through online media in the implementation of the Science and Technology Program for the Community.

“This activity was carried out from July 6 to July 22, 2020, involving 47 young women from 38 Jakarta High School and teenage girls in the Ciracas District area as well as 49 women of childbearing age from Ciracas District. This activity is carried out online through WhatsApp groups and using the Zoom platform for reproductive health education,” he said.