FoN UI Holds Survey on Psychosocial Status of Nurses Handling Covid-19

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The survey results from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Indonesia and the Indonesian Mental Health Nurses Association show that hundreds of nurses have felt humiliated by others because of their status as Covid-19 nurses or working in hospitals where COVID-19 is being treated. This makes them choose to hide their employment status.

“Instead of feeling proud to be heroes, many nurses choose to hide their status as nurses,” said Head of the Research Division of the Indonesian Mental Health Nurses Association, Herni Susanti, in a written release, Saturday, April 11, 2020.

According to Herni, this stigmatization of Covid-19 nurses can cause psychosocial problems, such as stress, sadness, and shame. Nurses who are affected by this stigma also think about the bad impact that will be faced by their families and closest people, because they are also ridiculed and shunned.

“This survey proves that there is a rejection of nurses that has been reported in the media,” said Herni.

The poll conducted in early April 2020 on 2,050 nurses throughout Indonesia also showed that 140 nurses had felt humiliated for treating Covid-19 patients. Even 135 nurses were asked to leave their homes.

Herni said, according to the survey, the real forms of rejection experienced by nurses included threats of eviction (66 respondents), people around them avoided closing their house fences or doors when they saw nurses (160 respondents), and the community also stayed away from nurses’ families (71 respondents). respondents).

He said there were a number of things that could be done to stop the stigma. For example, spreading facts and not myths. Because, stigma can occur due to lack of knowledge about the Covid-19 disease being transmitted and treated, and prevented.

Another effort is to involve social figures, such as religious leaders, to raise public awareness about the serious consequences of stigmatization on nurses and other health workers. “Respected celebrity assistance can also be done to strengthen the message to reduce stigma,” said Herni.

Herni also asked for balanced reporting by the media in a contextual manner, disseminating evidence-based information, and helping to combat misinformation.

Next, build a community support network to show concern and empathy for nurses and other health workers on duty.


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