Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan

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In early March, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, announced the first 2 cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia. After that until now the cases continued to increase until April 17, 2019 it had reached 5923 cases with a death rate of 8.7% higher than the death rate of around 6.8%. The UI Faculty of Nursing as the first Faculty of Nursing in Indonesia did not remain silent in facing this situation. University and Faculty leaders decided to change the learning method to Distance Education (Study from home), then formed the FoN UI Covid-19 Crisis Center. One of the tasks of the Crisis Center team is to actively educate and provide free consultations for the community regarding Covid-19.

“We have taught students learning methods, right, we immediately formed a Special Team to educate the public about the transmission, prevention and signs of Covid-19 to the mental health of the community during the pandemic. This education and consultation team consists of Lecturers, Students and Alumni who are members of the FoN UI Covid-19 Crisis Center,” explained DR. Agus Setiawan, Dean of FoN UI.

Educational activities are more focused on online using digital media and distributed through social media in the form of infographics and videos. This team activity also facilitates the community to get free consultation and counseling for physical complaints, home care, self-isolation guidelines, to public mental health consultation services and health workers. The Education Team contacted the community registered in the counseling service to monitor their condition and condition on a regular basis, and if necessary a referral team would facilitate connecting with the nearest health service.

The Chair of the FoN UI Education and Consultation Team, Dessie Wanda, S.Kp., MN., PhD, explained that the provision of this service aims to increase public knowledge and understanding of how to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. According to him, it is important that all levels of society understand that the spread of this virus can be stopped by diligently washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining a safe distance and staying at home. In addition, counseling and consultation services are provided to prevent stress and anxiety due to this pandemic situation, especially for health workers on duty.

“We get a lot of complaints about the workload of nurses and other health workers in the field, coupled with the community’s stigma against them when they return home or boarding houses. For this reason, we hope that this service can relieve the burden, stress or anxiety of nurses and health workers while on duty, and of course also increase public understanding about Covid-19, “said Dessie. FoN UI Education and Consultation Services are open to the public and free for 24 hours. If the community or health team requires consultation, they can contact the FoN UI Covid-19 Crisis Center Hotline at 0813.8311.5786. The public or health workers can also contact the WhatsApp service to this number.

The FoN UI COVID-19 Education and Consultation Activities were held with the support of the Directorate of Research and Community Service. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. rer. grout. Abdul Haris said that the establishment of the FoN UI COVID-19 Crisis Center is clear evidence that the University of Indonesia is part of a higher education institution that contributes significantly in taking part in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.