FoN UI Community Service Team Forms “Covid-19 MUTATION MOVEMENT” for Children in West Panunggangan

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Efforts to prevent and promote health regarding Covid-19 are still being intensified. The Community Service Team (pengmas) of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI), led by FIK UI lecturer, Dr. Hanny Handiyani, SKp., MKep, together with FoN UI Nursing Masters Program Students (Tomy Suganda, Syarifatul Izza, Maria FV Boro, Rita Setianingrum, Lia Dwi Jayanti and Tsania Ayu Zaharany) carried out community service activities titled MUTASI (Breaking the Chain of Infection) COVID -19 for the children of SDN 1 Panunggangan Barat, Tangerang City, Banten.

“This activity is in collaboration with the local Kelurahan and Puskesmas on November 23, 2020, along with the routine vaccine program carried out by the Panunggangan Barat Health Center for 27 5th grade elementary school students. This activity is packaged through the video “MUTATION” which contains learning videos related to Covid-19 on how to clean hands, use masks properly and correctly and cough and sneeze etiquette. In addition, learning is also carried out through direct demonstrations,” said Maria F.V Boro.

According to Hanny Handiyani, who is a FoN UI lecturer, the learning videos created by the community service team contain positive health messages about Covid-19 learning, are entertaining and appropriate for children’s ages. During the activity, there was also a direct demonstration on how to clean hands, use masks properly and correctly and cough and sneeze etiquette (pre-post test), to determine the effectiveness of absorption of learning related to Covid-19 in children through MUTASI community service.

“After learning through videos and live demonstrations, the participants are expected to be agents of behavioral change to prevent Covid-19 for their families and peers in the surrounding environment. In an effort to sustain the program, an ambassador for the mutation movement was formed consisting of 3 students, namely Asyraf Raihan, Ahmad Rifai and Maudi Andini. They are expected to be the pioneers of other participants in order to become agents of the expected change. In addition to the MUTASI Movement Ambassador, Mrs. Holihah, who is a teacher and homeroom teacher, was also selected as a mentor and main cadre of the “Covid-19 MUTATION Movement” for children,” said Syarifatul Izza.

Based on data as of November 2020, in the city of Tangerang, there were 2555 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with details being treated 264, recovered 2328 and 73 died. Apart from having children as one of the criteria for people who are vulnerable to Covid-19, Tangerang City is an area that seeks to focus on children through the child-friendly city program.

Departing from this data, the FoN UI Community Service Team was moved to directly participate in providing learning through the “Covid-19 MUTATION Movement”. “We see that education specifically for children is still not the main focus. For this reason, we are trying to target children for learning through educational videos and demonstrations to strengthen and get used to good hygiene practices in the long term, as an effort to break the chain of COVID-19 infection,” concluded Tomy Suganda.

At the end of the activity, students received a goodie bag in the form of a MUTATION pocket book, masks, hand sanitizer and a symbol of the Covid-19 mutation movement in the form of stickers. In addition, the MUTATION manual was also given to the school and Mrs. Holihah who was selected as the main cadre. Hopefully, these things can be a provision to apply the new knowledge and skills gained to share them with others around them.