FoN UI Cares for the Mental Health of the Inmates of the Cipinang Narcotics Prison

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The Department of Mental Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia together with a number of 56 Regular Undergraduate students class 2017 carried out Mental Health Optimization activities at Cipinang Narcotics Prison, Jakarta, on December 4-5, 2019.

The activity was opened with a welcome speech by representatives of the Cipinang Narcotics Prison on Wednesday (4/12). According to the prison, this is the first mental health socialization activity in the Cipinang Narcotics Prison, so the prison enthusiastically welcomes the arrival of students to carry out this activity.
“This activity aims to introduce the conditions of narcotics prisons directly to 56 Regular Undergraduate students, which is expected at the end of the activity, students can study Correctional Inmates (WBP) and provide psychiatric nursing interventions in accordance with the results of the assessments that have been obtained. In addition, this activity aims to see the level of stress and the level of mental health possessed by inmates who are in Cipinang Narcotics Prison,” explained Ice Yulia Wardani, M.Kep., Sp. Kep. J. as a representative of the Mental Nursing Department Team during student and team admissions on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

After the admission process has been carried out by the prison, students are directed to directly meet and interact with the Prisoners. The number of WBP (Penitentiary Inmates) who participated in the event were 56 people. The inmates showed the enthusiasm shown when the interaction took place. After interacting, students and the team were directed by the prison to visit the inside of the Cipinang Narcotics Prison. Students and teams are invited to see and visit the program center owned by the prison in order to empower inmates who are in prison. In addition, students and teams were also invited to visit the public kitchen and the main clinic in the prison.
On Thursday, December 5 2019, after continuing the interaction and intervention plan with the WBP, an evaluation was carried out which was attended by the Head of Cipinang Narcotics Prison, Mr. Eddy Junaedi, Amd. IP., S.Sos., M.Sc., while the Mental Nursing Department Team was represented by Ns. Giur Hargiana, M.Kep., Sp.Kep.J. The evaluation was carried out to report the results of the assessment on the mental health of the inmates that had been obtained from the activities on the previous day (4/12).

“We from the Cipinang Jakarta Narcotics Prison are very happy because of the arrival of students and the Mental Nursing team from the University of Indonesia to provide interventions in order to optimize the mental health of WBP. I as the Head of the Department of Nursing hope that this activity will not stop here, but will continue with other activity plans that will be submitted by the Department of Mental Health, Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia to the Cipinang Narcotics Prison, “said Head of Head of Eddy Junaedi, Amd. IP., S.Sos., M.Si.