FoN UI Cares for Mental Health Residence at BNN RI

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On 4 and 5 December 2019, the Department of Mental Nursing, University of Indonesia together with 58 Regular Undergraduate students class 2017 Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia (FoN UI) carried out Mental Health Optimization activities and carried out nursing care activities for residences at the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (BNN). RI) in Lido. This activity is a program from FoN UI Peduli Mental Health 2019. Students provide nursing care to 30 residences at BNN, every 1 to 2 students can study 1 residence.

“I definitely can” has a meaning where FoN UI hopes that residence can change maladaptive coping behavior into adaptive coping behavior. Examples of maladaptive behavior from residence such as smoking, drug use, and others, while adaptive coping behaviors that need to be improved and strengthened such as sports, worship, and others. It is hoped that residence will be able to minimize his intention to use drugs again. The activity was held at the BNN rehabilitation center which was opened at 09.30 WIB by BNN rehabilitation staff and welcomed by Mrs. Herni Susanti, S.Kp. MN., PhD as a psychiatric nursing lecturer who represents the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and the head of BNN rehabilitation. Next, there is a description of the BNN profile. At 11.00 WIB, four large groups of students who had been formed held an unfreezing event to build a trusting relationship between students and their clients. After unfreezing is done, students continue independent nursing care for each client. Independent nursing care is carried out to assess the client’s problems and needs focused on the client’s mental health. When interacting, the client looks enthusiastic about telling his condition. After interacting, students were directed by the BNN to visit various facilities in Lido BNN.

Not only nursing care that we provide but we also provide material on stress management. Activities on the second day, started with preparation for Group Activity Therapy with four large groups according to the assigned client. The stress management material provided is in the form of deep breathing, 5 finger hypnosis, and others. FoN UI hopes that the stress management materials provided by students to residences can help residences in finding adaptive coping and avoiding maladaptive coping, especially drug use. Don’t forget that when doing Group Activity Therapy, games are held as a form of stress relief, where students and clients play various kinds of games that they find fun. Then the client is also directed to write down expectations for the future which is then read out by the client. Then, just like on the first day, the students carried out independent nursing care with the same client continuing from the previous care, namely by providing interventions according to the results of the assessment that had been obtained.