Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan

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A survey conducted by the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) in 2017 revealed that as many as 55% of Indonesian children aged 8-18 years use smartphones an average of 8 hours every day. The current pandemic condition also has an impact on increasing the frequency of using gadgets, especially for school children, due to the shifting of learning methods to online. This of course has an impact on increasing the risk of gadget addiction. School-age children are one of the groups vulnerable to mental health problems. Smartphone addiction can cause mental health problems that affect the development and quality of life in school-age children. Based on this, the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI) is again present in the Science and Technology Program for the Community in collaboration with DRPM UI, Tanah Sareal Health Center, Bogor City by launching the Wisdom of Personnel Ambassador program for elementary school students. This program was implemented at SD Tanah Sareal 1, SDIT Al Munawar, and SDIT Al Azhar Bogor. A total of 42 elementary school students were chosen as smart ambassadors with gadgets.

This program was carried out online on 14-30 November 2020 with three main agendas, namely education about the development of school-age children, smartphone wise training for elementary school students, and webinars for teachers and parents on “Prevention of Device Addiction in School-Age Children”. The development education program and smart device training were carried out in six sessions (meetings) through video conferencing applications with the culmination of the activity in the form of inauguration of elementary school students as Wisdom Ambassadors of Personnel. The webinar for parents and teachers was held in collaboration with the @Peduli Jiwa team with expert speakers dr.Brihastami Sawitri, Sp.KJ.

The focus of this program is to build healthy and wise behavior in using gadgets for school-age children to avoid gadget addiction. The Community Service Program is chaired by a psychiatric nursing lecturer at FoN UI, Ns. Ice Yulia Wardani, M.Kep.Sp.Kep.J and students of the 2020 psychiatric nursing specialist program as a service team.

Students who have been appointed as Smart Enthusiasts Ambassadors are expected to be able to disseminate information to their peers about gadget addiction, recognize or carry out early detection of gadget addiction and be able to provide simple psychological first aid to friends who are addicted to gadgets. This activity was supported by the Tanah Sareal Health Center, Bogor City, drg. Masayu Rubianti, M.KM, the head of the Tanah Sareal Health Center said, “Device addiction in school-age children is a serious problem, so we need to work together to anticipate and find solutions to this problem. The Tanah Sareal Health Center welcomes and strongly supports the Gawai Wise Ambassador Program, which eventually became a pilot project in the Puskesmas or in Tanah Sareal Village, built with good cross-sectoral collaboration to ensure the sustainability of the program, so that the trained children can play a role in helping peers who are addicted to gadgets”.