Faculty Management

Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., M.N., D.N.
Vice Dean for Education, Research, and Student Affairs
Dessie Wanda, S.Kp., M.N., Ph.D
Vice Dean for Resources, Venture, and General Administration
Dr. Nani Nurhaeni, S.Kp., M.N.
Manager of Education and Student Affairs
Dr. Kuntarti, S.Kp., M.Biomed.


Manager of Research, Publication, and Community Engagement
Sri Yona, S.Kp., M.N., Ph.D.
Manager of General Affairs
Dr. Henny Permatasari, S.Kp., M. Kep., Sp.Kom
Manager of Cooperation, Alumni Relation, and Public Relation
Herni Susanti, S.Kp., M.N., Ph.D.
Head of Faculty Administration
Aries Mundari, S.Sos.
Head of Academic Quality Assurance Unit
Dr. Novy Helena CD, S.Kp., M.Sc.
Head of UKK PPM Nursing Training Center FIKUI
Dr. Masfuri, S.Kp., M.N.