Facing the Challenges of the World of Work, FoN UI Students and Alumni Join Soft Skills Training

By humasfik On Tuesday, September 15 th, 2020 · no Comments · In

The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia in collaboration with the Career Development Center of the University of Indonesia held soft skills training activities for alumni and students of FoN UI on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8-9 2020. The activity, which was held online through the zoom meeting application, provides an overview of how to prepare and strengthen the readiness of alumni and prospective nurses in facing challenges in the world of work. This training presents a mainstay trainer who is very skilled and proficient in his field, namely Iwan Winanda, as Program & Learning Process Director at Softskills Forum Indonesia.

The topic of Building Emotions and Taking Initiatives that was delivered on the first day opened the participants’ insight on how to properly regulate emotions and take initiative in the world of work. For the second day, the topic presented was Developing Transformational Leadership. Through this topic, participants gain knowledge as well as tips and tricks on how to develop leadership talents as a reliable and professional nurse.

The event, which is held regularly every year, is quite different from previous years because it is held online so that it draws enthusiasm from participants who register. A total of 600 participants consisting of alumni of the first batch of FoN UI to the new batch who are still active students also attended and enlivened the training event.

In its implementation, Mr. Iwan Winanda, as the trainer, was very good at explaining each material as well as answering questions and discussions posed by the participants. The event became very exciting to watch when more and more participants asked questions and discussed the problems they faced at work institutions. In addition, the moderator, namely Herni Susanti, S.Kp., MN., Ph.D., was very skilled in building the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the participants at the beginning and end of each activity.