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Doctoral Program in Nursing

Doctor of Nursing Study Program

Doctoral Program in Nursing was officially opened in 2008 in accordance with the Decree of the Rector of the University of Indonesia No. 683/SK/R/UI/2008 dated June 25, 2008. Prospective students of the Doctoral Program in Nursing must have a background in Education Master Program in Nursing or Master Program in Health with matriculation for a maximum of two semesters before the doctoral education program that followed, 6-12 SKS per semester in accordance with Rector Regulation No. 016 of 2016 on the Implementation of Doctoral Programs at the University of Indonesia. Doctoral Program in Nursing FoN UI is the first nursing doctoral program in Indonesia. The characteristics of FoN UI Doctoral Program in Nursing are the basic nursing fields, clinics, and communities with the leading urban nursing with a type of supportive nursing disciplines namely basic nursing, medical surgical nursing, maternity nursing, mental health nursing, community nursing, pediatric nursing, oncology nursing, and gerontic nursing. All these sciences can be used as an area of nursing research in completing studies in the Doctoral Program in Nursing.

Doctoral Program in Nursing has special cognitive, psychomotor, communication and professional skills according to his/her specialization, is able to design evidence-based health service management (community leader: CL), solve problems through a transdisciplinary approach (consultant: K), provide education to partners and the community (educators). : E) as well as conducting research that advances management and scientific development that is beneficial so that it becomes an expert in the field of nursing and health (researcher: R and agent of reform: AP).

In accordance with the Rector’s regulation No 016/2016 that the Doctoral Program is scheduled for 6 (six) semesters and can be taken in at least 4 (four) semesters or for a maximum of 10 semesters. For students who take a matriculation program for a maximum of 2 semesters, the study period for the matriculation program does not count as the study period for the doctoral education program that they are participating in.

Doctoral Program in Nursing with Distance Learning Method (Dual Method)

Public health services are part of the government’s strategic program contributed by health care teams from various health disciplines including nursing. Nursing personnel who provide health services at various levels of the health service order is a front line that has an important position to contribute optimally according to their knowledge, especially at home and even abroad. The Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FoN UI), as the first and oldest nursing education institution in Indonesia, feels responsible for improving health services in the country through the development of human resources, science and technology of nursing. Since 1999, FoN UI has been able to develop master’s education in nursing sciences with various specificities and in 2008 has opened a Doctoral Program in Nursing and has also been accredited with an A predicate. In addition, FoN UI has a great opportunity to accommodate the aspirations of master of nursing who want to continue their education to a higher level, namely the Doctoral Program in Nursing, both on the UI campus site and through the Dual Mode program for those who are separated due to its remote geographical location and various other considerations. Dual mode programs are part of regular educational program activities. This program is not a new study program but an effective approach to ensure the expansion and equalization of access, quality improvement and relevance, as well as good management and accountability of education that is able to face challenges in accordance with the demands of local, national, and global life changes. In carrying out their duties and functions in this dual mode learning activity, lecturers can use high-tech communication tools either directly (synchronous) such as teleconference, skype, videoconference, and indirect (asynchronous) for example through email and discussion forums in the learning management system in addition to face-to-face in accordance with applicable regulations.


"To make the FoN UI Doctoral Program in Nursing, a center for nursing scientist education and services for nursing research activities in Indonesia in 2035."


  1. Organizing a quality nursing education doctoral program.
  2. Implementing and developing a learning system that combines nursing theory and other related knowledge so that students can develop nursing knowledge.
  3. Carrying out research in the field of nursing which includes the creation, development, and application of nursing science and technology that is carried out independently and / or through multidisciplinary collaboration.
  4. Improving the quality of academic staff so that they are able to develop nursing science and technology on a national and international scale.
  5. Carrying out community service activities based on research results in accordance with the needs of stakeholders.
  6. Providing adequate facilities to support educational, research, and community service activities in the field of nursing.


  • Have a Professional Nurse / Master of Nursing with specialization in Leadership and management / Master of Nursing / MSc in Nursing / Master of Art in Nursing from an accredited university or equivalent (original certificate uploaded)
  • Have a Masters in Health/S2 Health diploma and have a background in Nurses from an accredited university, but are required to attend matriculation for 2 (two) semesters before joining the doctoral education program
  • Have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3 (out of a scale of 4.00)
  • Register online
  • Upload the academic requirements documents number 1 to 3; if you do not upload the document, it is considered not to meet the administrative requirements
  • Upload proof of college accreditation related to academic requirements number 1 and 2
  • Submit a research plan to be carried out by following the UI nursing doctoral pre-proposal format (guidelines can be seen on the web: nursing.ui.ac.id); Fill out the track record, by filling out the form by visiting the nursing.ui.ac.id website, at the very top there is a menu called Registration - S3 Record Track or by linking: http://tiny.cc/FormS3-RekamJejak
  • Take a written exam organized by the University
  • Take the research proposal pre-exam.

Time and Place of Lecture

Place: Faculty of Nursing UI, Depok or Salemba UI Campus (only for guest lecturers)

Time: 5 days/week; hours between 08:00 and 18:00 for semester 1 onwards adjusted to course credits