Community Nursing Specialist

Dr. Etty Rekawati, S.Kp., M.K.M.
Head of Community Nursing Specialist Study Program

Community Nursing Specialist Study Program is a study program that is carried out after students complete the Master of Nursing Study Program. This specialist education phase is taken in 2 semesters and a maximum of 3 semesters. Graduates of the ommunity Nursing Specialist Study Program will obtain the professional Community Nursing Specialist (Sp.Kep.Kom.).

Making the Community Nursing Specialist Study Program a center of excellence in the development of science and technology in community nursing and specialist practitioners of community nursing that are culturally sensitive and responsive to the national and international public health nursing needs in 2035.

1. Providing broad access for generalist nurses in attending quality professional community nursing education.
2. Organizing education and teaching of quality community nursing specialists and relevant to national and international nursing challenges.
3. Preparing graduates who have a caring attitude (high concern) and are responsive to the needs of the client system (individuals, families, groups and society) in accordance with cultural
4. Developing and implementing community nursing research refers to the development of culturally sensitive science and technology for community benefit for the community.
5. Developing and implementing services and services to culturally sensitive societies based on evidence-based practice in community nursing.
6. Developing national and international networks to improve Tridharma quality community nursing specialists.
7. Fostering nursing institutions in the development and implementation of community nursing in the realization of the Higher Education Tri Dharma.
8. Encouraging the involvement of community nursing specialist alumni in the development of Study Programs and community nursing services.

Community nursing specialists who are capable of managing cases and providing specialist nursing care using the latest knowledge and specialist nursing expertise that is ethically, culturally sensitive, effective and professional.

Academic Requirements:

  • Have a Master’s degree in Nursing from an accredited university at least B with a specialization in Community Nursing.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Nursing Profession from an accredited university at least B Have a minimum of 2 (two) years of clinical work experience in the field of specialization followed (calculated after graduating from the Nurse)
  • Have a Certificate of Registration (STR) Nurses Have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 (from a scale of 4.00)
  • Get the minimum score criteria for TPA and English according to University regulations;
  • Get the special exam criteria (interview) of at least 70.

Administration Requirements:

  • Register online;
  • Upload documents related to academic requirements number 1 to 5; if you do not upload the document, it is considered not to meet the administrative requirements.
  • Fill out the questionnaire, by filling out the form by visiting the web, at the very top there is a menu called Forms/questionnaires
  • Take a written exam organized by the University; Take the Special Examination (interview) organized by FIK-UI

Time and Place of Lecture/practice

Matriculation Program
FIK-UI location, UI Depok Campus or Salemba (only for guest lecturers)
Time: (3 days/week) or the schedule is adjusted to the implementation of the current semester’s courses.

Specialist Practice
Held 6 days/week.
Note: Participants who come from non-University Indonesia graduates, if necessary, must attend and pass the matriculation program for 1 (one) semester.