AUN UNP 2019

Criteria 1

Appendix 1.1.1 National Education System Act No. 20 of 2003

Appendix 1.1.2 Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No. 8 of 2012 concerning Indonesian National Qualification Framework/INQF (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia/KKNI

Appendix 1.1.3 Higher Education Act No. 12 of 2012

Appendix 1.1.4 Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. 44 of 2015 concerning National Standard for Higher Education

Appendix 1.1.5 Curriculum Development Report

Appendix 1.1.6 Minutes of FGD and Interview on Curriculum Evaluation with Stakeholders 

Appendix 1.1.7 Minutes of Clinical Practice Contract Meeting 

Appendix 1.2.1 Translation of ELO into Courses


Criteria 2

Appendix 2.1.1 Matrix II 

Appendix 2.1.2 Minutes of meeting, proofs of semester preparation and evaluation meetings at the UNP level

Appendix 2.2.1 UNP Curriculum Book

Appendix 2.2.2 BRP (Buku Rancangan Pembelajaran/Course Learning Plan Book) Basic Concept of Nursing II Course
(an example of a course in academic stage)

Appendix 2.2.3 BRP KDP (an example of a course in professional stage)

Appendix 2.2.4 Minutes of The Department Meeting (1. Medical Surgical Nursing Department & 2. Pediatric Nursing Department)

Appendix 2.3.1 Report of The Academic Introduction and Orientation Program of UNP FoN UI/ “Pengenalan Sistem Akademik Fakultas”


Criteria 4

Appendix 4.1.1 Board of Trustees Decision No. 005-2010 on The Norms of Education at UI

Appendix 4.1.2 Power Point Presentation of Educational Philosophy

Appendix 4.2.1 Rector Decree No. 1256-2015 on Competency Based Curriculum for UNP FoN UI

Appendix 4.2.2 BRP and Supervision Note of Gerontology Nursing Practice Course

Appendix 4.3.1 BRP MPKT A Course


Criteria 5

Appendix 5.1.1 Rector Regulation No. 14-2016 on The Administration of Bachelor’s Programs at UI

Appendix 5.1.2 Sample of Examination Papers (Adult Nursing VI Course Mid Semester Test)

Appendix 5.1.3 BRP Practicum III 

Appendix 5.1.4 Examples of Final Assignment

Appendix 5.1.5 Supervision Process Form

Appendix 5.1.6 Rubrics and Assessment Forms (internship, project and thesis writing)

Appendix 5.2.1 Rector Decree No. 0478-2014 on The Study Success Evaluation of UI Students

Appendix 5.3.1 UI Scoring and Grading System  

Appendix 5.3.2 Dean Decree No. 5866-2018 on Curriculum Evaluation Team

Appendix 5.4.1 Peer Evaluation Form (Basic Concept of Nursing II Course)

Appendix 5.4.2 Student’s learning feedback from peers (UI Health Cluster Course)

Appendix 5.4.3 Minutes of academic evaluation meeting

Appendix 5.5.1 SOP of Grade Appeal


Criteria 6

Appendix 6.1.1 Law of the Republic of Indonesia, No. 14 of 2005 concerning Teacher and Lecturer

Appendix 6.1.2 The Government Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia No 37 of 2009 concerning Lecturer

Appendix 6.1.3 Executive Summary of Academic and Support Manpower Plan

Appendix 6.1.4 The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. 26 of 2015

Appendix 6.1.5 The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. 2 of 2016

Appendix 6.2.1 Rector Decree No.055/SK/R/UI/2017 on Academic Staff Workload

Appendix 6.2.2 FoN UI Academic Staff Workload in Academic Year 2017/2018

Appendix 6.3.1 The Ministry of State Apparatus Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. 17 of 2013 concerning the Functional Duty and Credit Points of Academic Staff

Appendix 6.4.1 Executive Summary of Training and Development Plan for Academic and Support Staff

Appendix 6.4.2 SOP on Academic and Support Staff Appraisal (SKP) 

Appendix 6.4.3 Academic Staff Appraisal Form (SKP)

Appendix 6.4.4 Example of Academic Staff Appraisal Report (SKP)


Criteria 7

Appendix 7.1.1 FoN UI Administrative Service 2017 and 2018 Survey Report

Appendix 7.2.1 Government of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. 11 of 2017 concerning The Management of Civil Servants

Appendix 7.4.1 FoN UI Development Need Assessment of Academic & Supporting Staff  

Appendix 7.5.1 Supporting Staff Appraisal Form & Report (SKP)

Appendix.7.5.2 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Academic & Support Staff Promotion Proposal

Appendix.7.5.3 SOP on Academic & Support Staff Attendance

Appendix.7.5.4 SOP on Warning Letter


Criteria 8

Appendix 8.1.1 Rector Decree No. 1288/SK/R/UI/2018 on Student Intake Capacity 

Appendix 8.5.1 List of Supporting Facilities in UI Health Cluster


Criteria 9

Appendix 9.1.1 List of Facilities

Appendix 9.1.2 Standard Infrastructure Facilities for Postgraduate and Professional Programs

Appendix 9.1.3 BPMA UI Guidance Book concerning Infrastructure and Facilities

Appendix 9.2.1 UNP Online & Offline Database in UI Library

Appendix 9.3.1 Analysis Report of FoN UI Laboratory Service 2018

Appendix 9.5.1 Campus Facilities for People with Disabilities (documentation/pictures) 


Criteria 10

Appendix 10.1.1 FoN UI Tracer Study Form & Report on UNP Graduate Users

Appendix 10.1.2 Academic Staff Evaluations by Students (EDOM) Results

Appendix 10.2.1 Minutes of Health Science Cluster Team Curriculum Evaluation Meeting

Appendix 10.2.2 Minutes of Higher Education Curriculum Evaluation Team Work Report 

Appendix 10.2.3 Report and/or Photos on Comparative Study/Inbound Activities 

Appendix 10.2.4 Proof of Academic Staff AINEC Membership

Appendix 10.3.1 Rector Decree No 838A/SK/R/UI/2007 on Administration of UI Student Learning Outcomes

Appendix 10.3.2 UNP Academic Internal Audit (AIA) of 2014 Report 

Appendix 10.3.3 The Dean’s Letter on the Quality Committee for Final Scientific Work

Appendix 10.6.1 FoN UI Tracer Study on UNP Graduates Result


Criteria 11

Appendix 11.4.1 Rector Decree No. 2143 of 2017 on Technical Guidelines for Final Assignment 

Appendix 11.4.2 List of Research Title

Appendix 11.5.1 CDC UI Tracer Study Result 2017